Live Updates from the Mid-season Championships at Tazewell Speedway(7-3-14)


We will be providing live updates from the Tazewell Speedway in Tazewell, TN for Thursday night, July 3, 2014. Tonight’s updates are being provided by Richard Allen( @RichardAllenIDR on Twitter).

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To follow along, simply scroll down and look under each heading for that particular class. Also, refresh the page frequently as new information will be added often.

Classes in action: 

Steelhead(Limited) Late Models in a $1,500-to-win feature.


Modified Street

Four Cylinders


Pure Street


Drivers meeting is set for 7:30 with cars slated to hit the track around 7:45.


Weather is expected to be very warm with virtually no chance of rain.

General Information:

Tonight’s races will serve as the Mid-season Championship for all classes at Tazewell. The points leader in each class will receive a trophy.

Current points leaders in each class are:

Late Models- Josh Henry

Sportsman- Jordan Horton

Modified Street- Brad Davis

Four Cylinders- Chuck McMahan

Classics- Justin Overton

Pure Street- Jonathan Miracle

7:10- Drivers meeting has ended. Cars will be on track soon. I will post driver lists and car counts as soon as possible.

8:10- Each class hot lapping.


I often post pictures on my @RichardAllenIDR Twitter account if you would like to take a look.

Live Updates:

Limited Late Models

Drivers here: 14 cars

12- Craig Gregg, 7- William Overbey, 90- Jason Trammell, 46- Brian Shockley, 22- Matthew Holt, B00- Josh Henry, 73- Trevor Sise, 14- Terry Wolfenbarger, 31- Greg Estes, 23- Cory Hedgecock, 5- Bryan Hendrix, 56j- Jody Horton, 8- Chris Chandler, 44- Josh Collins.

Qualifying Results: 1. Trammell (12.182), 2. Estes, 3. Henry, 4. Collins, 5. Horton, 6. Wolfenbarger, 7. Hedgecock, 8. Hendrix, 9. Sise, 10. Gregg.

10:00- Feature rolling out.

10:10- Green flag!

Lap 21 caution for Gregg. Trammell has led all the way but Estes is keeping it close. Henry is 3rd with Collins and Hedgecock in a tight battle for 4th.

Lap 23 caution for spin by Shockley. Trammell still leads Estes, Henry, Hedgecock and Collins.

Lap 27 caution for two cars tangled on backstretch. Hedgecock took Estes and Henry three wide on that last restart. Trammell leads Estes, Hedgecock, Henry, Collins, Wolfenbarger, Hendrix

Feature finish: 1. Trammell, 2. Hedgecock, 3. Estes, 4. Henry, 5. Collins, 6. Wolfenbarger, 7. Hendrix, 8. Sise.

Incredible finish as Hedgecock took 2nd on the final restart then lost out at the checkered by a fender.

Trammell has won two consecutive late model features here at Tazewell. Josh Henry received the trophy for leading the points at mid-season.


Drivers here: 14 cars

39- Wade Howerton, 8- Jacob Owens, 34v- Jason Varner, 24- Andy Wilder, G7- Billy Gordon, 21- Brian Howerton, 25- Justin Beeler, G71- Dustin Hoover, 50- Allen Cole, 11- Josh Fields, 4- Clyde Overholt, 56- Jordan Horton, Steve Smith, D00- Josh Driskill.

Qualifying Results: 1. Fields(12.625), 2. W Howerton, 3. Beeler, 4. Overholt, 5. Horton. No invert.

10:45- Feature lining up.

Lap 1 caution involving Owens and Hoover. Fields leads Howerton, Beeler and Horton.

Lap 2 caution as Howerton spins out of 3rd place. Sent to the tail.

Lap 5 spin by Hoover brings out caution. Fields leads a tight battle between Beeler and Horton.

Lap 9 caution for spin by 4th running Overholt. Fields leads Horton, Beeler.

Feature finish: 1. Fields, 2. Beeler, 3. Horton, 4. Varner, 5. Smith, 6. Driskill

Fields led all the way but there was a good battle between Beeler and Horton for 2nd.

Horton gets the trophy for leading the points at the mid-season.

Modified Street

Car Count: 6 cars

Qualifying: 1. Robbie Buchanan (13.622), 2. Gary Blanken, 3. Brad Davis, 4. Tony Horton, 5. Mitchell Burke, 6. Michael Boyd. Invert is a 2.

9:20- Feature lineup.

Feature Results: 1. Robbie Buchanan, 2. Brad Davis, 3. Gary Blanken, 4. Michael Boyd.

Blanken led the first 8 laps with Buchanan all over him. Blanken spun on lap 8 during close racing with Buchanan.

It was Buchanan’s 2nd feature win of the season at Tazewell.

Brad Davis gets the trophy for leading points at mid-season.

Four Cylinders

Car Count: 8 cars

Feature Results: 1. Chuck McMahan, 2. Jeremy Collins, 3. Bubby Braden, 4. David Singleton.

McMahan dominated. It was his 7th feature win of the season. He also picked up the trophy for leading points at mid-season.


Car Count: 10 cars

Eli Keck, Richie Overholser and Justin Overton suffer damage in a multi-car incident during hot laps.

Qualifying: 1. Philip Thompson(14.203), 2. Logan Dukes, 3. Joe Keck, 4. Cliff Lane. Invert is a 3.

Feature Results: 1. Philip Thompson, 2. Logan Dukes, 3. Joe Keck, 4. Justin Overton.

Overton gets the mid-season championship trophy.

Pure Street

Car Count: 7 cars

Feature Results: 1. Jason Long, 2. Jonathan Miracle.

It was Long’s first win of the season. Miracle scored the mid-season championship.

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