Quick Six: Fan safety, attendance, and more

This edition of the Quick Six blog discusses some fan behavior at the track and on social media plus other hot button issues in the sport.

  1. Fans that watch a race from the infield should always be aware of their surroundings. A fan came close to suffering a serious injury at a nearby track because the fan had his back to the action.
  2. After seeing numerous photos of the demolition of Cleveland Speedway, it reminds me of the final days of Atomic Speedway. Race fans should support all our area’s tracks or others could face a similar fate. If a person doesn’t have anything positive to say about a particular track, silence is better than bashing. Or at least, take your complaints directly to the owner.
  3. The “droop” rule implemented by Ray Cook seems to have no negative impact on racing despite the predictions from the doom and gloomers.
  4. While this blog has applauded the use of social media by tracks and sanctioning bodies as a positive for the sport, social media can be a negative when it comes to fans. The incorrect reporting by fans on the car counts at an area track, over the weekend, only does damage to that track for future racing. At least be accurate and fair.
  5. When the P.A. announcer at your local track tells fans to stay away from the fence, an incident at Lake Cumberland Speedway is why. A late model got into the fencing coming off turn 4 taking out the fencing, a light pole, and landing feet away from the grandstands. Racing is still a dangerous sport.
  6. Are east Tennessee race fans only interested in the World of Outlaws Late Model Series if Scott Bloomquist and/or Jimmy Ownes are also racing? The answer to that could come into a few weeks when the series returns to the area for another doubleheader weekend.

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