East Tennessee tracks continue alliance toward curb fighting

Most of the area’s dirt tracks are continuing an alliance to curb fighting. 411 Motor Speedway, I-75 Raceway, Tazewell Speedway, and Wartburg Speedway will uphold each other’s suspensions regarding fights and other serious altercations.

The tracks formed the alliance last season and it seemed to have a positive affect on racing. The only announced suspension was when Anthony White was deemed to instigate an arguement with Cory Hedgecock following a crash at a race at Volunteer Speedway.

Angie Kyle, co-owner of I-75 Raceway, came up with the idea following seeing an incident at another track late in 2016. At the time, Kyle knew the suspended racers would end up at her track and did not want to see that happen. Kyle recently informed Inside Dirt Racing of the continued alliance.

“Our alliance worked pretty good last year and we’re going to continue it for another year,” Kyle said.

Kyle added if other area tracks are interested in becoming part of the alliance to contact her for details.

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