Live Updates from the Blue/Gray 100 at Cherokee


We will be providing live updates from the Southern Nationals Bonus promoted Blue/Gray 100 event from the Cherokee Speedway in Gaffney, SC on Saturday night, October 25, 2014. Tonight’s updates are being provided by Richard Allen( @RichardAllenIDR on Twitter).

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To follow along, simply scroll down and look under each heading for that particular class. Also, refresh the page frequently as new information will be added often.

Classes in action: 

Southern Nationals Bonus for $10,000-to-win.

*Updates will likely be limited to this class only for a variety of reasons.


Drivers meeting is scheduled for 4:00 with racing to follow soon afterwards.


The forecast calls for clear skies and mild fall temperatures.

General Information:

This event is known as the Blue/Gray 100 and has been contested at Cherokee since the early 1990’s.

4:10- Drivers meeting is over.

4:30- SLM hot laps underway.

Group 1 Hot Laps- Chris Ferguson and Casey Roberts were fastest.

Group 2 Hot Laps- Scott Bloomquist and Chris Madden were fastest.

Group 3 Hot Laps- Jonathan Davenport was fastest.

Bloomquist and Ferguson were fastest overall.

5:20- SLM qualifying underway.

Photos: I often post pictures on my @RichardAllenIDR Twitter account if you would like to take a look.

Live Updates:

Southern Nationals Bonus

Car Count: 23 cars

Drivers Here: 421- Anthony Sanders, 2- Dennis Franklin, 101- Casey Roberts, 9- Dale Hammond, 22- Chris Ferguson, 618- Kevin Witson, D8- Dustin Mitchell, 32- Jonathan Edwards, 1- Kenny Collins, 1- Brent Dixon, 5- Don O’Neal, 0- Scott Bloomquist, 44- Chris Madden, 15- Steve Francis, 5- Brandon Overton, 99b- Boom Briggs, 6- Jonathan Davenport, G2- Kevin Godwin, 22- GR Smith, 87- Ross Bailes, 42- Doug Sanders, 11- Austin Hubbard, 11k- Austin Kirkpatrick

Qualifying Results: Straight up qualifying tonight with drivers broken into three hot lap groups from that.

1. Bloomquist (15.976), 2. Roberts, 3. Davenport, 4. Franklin, 5. Mitchell, 6. Overton, 7. Madden, 8. Francis, 9. Bailes, 10. Hubbard

*Bloomquist spent a lot of time earlier in the day driving one of the track’s water trucks to pack the track in.

Heat 1 Lineup: Bloomquist, Franklin, Madden, Hubbard, Briggs, Collins, Hammond, Davis, Godwin

Heat 2 Lineup: Roberts, Mitchell, Francis, Ferguson, Kirkpatrick, Dixon, Witson, Edwards

Heat 3 Lineup: Davenport, Overton, Bailes, O’Neal, A Sanders, D Sanders, Smith,

Heat Race Results:

6:30- Heat race 1 lining up on track.

After contact on the start of heat race 1 that put Dennis Franklin in the wall, he got out and fired his steering wheel into Scott Bloomquist’s hood.

Franklin unloading back up car. Now it looks as if Franklin’s crew has pushed his backup car back into the hauler.

*According to race director Chris Tilley, Franklin was not allowed to enter his backup car. He was disqualified from the event for leaving his car after an accident and for throwing his steering wheel at a moving car.

Heat 1 finish: 1. Bloomquist, 2. Madden, 3. Hubbard, 4. Briggs

Heat 2 finish: 1. Mitchell, 2. Roberts, 3. Francis, 4. Ferguson

Heat 3 finish: 1. Davenport, 2. Overton, 3. O’Neal, 4. Bailes

Feature Notes:

7:55- Track officials doing some track work.

8:45- Track work still ongoing.

During the first 80 laps of this 100 lap feature, caution laps will be counted(maximum of 25).

Starting lineup for the first six rows- Bloomquist, Mitchell, Davenport, Madden, Roberts, Overton, Hubbard, Francis, O’Neal, Briggs, Ferguson, Bailes

9:35- Feature rolling out.

9:45- Four wide!

9:47- Green flag

Lap 20 caution for A Sanders. Bloomquist took lead from Mitchell on lap 11 and was being pressured by Davenport before caution. Mitchell now 3rd with Madden, Overton, Roberts, Francis, Hubbard and O’Neal trailing.

Lap 48 caution for GR Smith. Bloomquist leading but Davenport keeping it close. Good battle for 3rd among Madden, Overton, Roberts, Mitchell, Francis.

Lap 58 caution for Hubbard slow on track. Running order same as above.

Lap 76 caution for Smith. Bloomquist leads Davenport. Roberts moved around Madden for 3rd and was closing on the top-2 before caution. Madden, Overton, Mitchell, Francis, O’Neal trail.

Feature Results: 1. Bloomquist, 2. Davenport, 3. Roberts, 4. Madden, 5. Overton, 6. Mitchell, 7. Francis, 8. O’Neal, 9. Briggs.

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