Cleveland Speedway sold; new owner’s plans not known

Cleveland Speedway

A posting on the Facebook page for Cleveland Speedway in Cleveland, Tenn. indicates that the facility has been sold. And further, it is not known of the new owner plans to continue using the property for racing or some other purpose.

As was reported on this site, it was made known in February that the price for the property had been reduced from $1.8 million to 1.25 million.

The historic track was originally opened in 1954 and was owned and operated for several years by legendary racer Joe Lee Johnson. Since 2013, the track’s future has been in doubt as it has opened and closed multiple times over the past five years.

Here is the posting from Facebook that announced the sale:

“As of April 20,2018, the Cleveland Speedway LLC website will be taken down, for the speedway has been sold. As of right now, we do not know the new owners plans for the property. Anybody wanting to share any pictures on this website, feel free. We have enjoyed providing information pertaining to our great race car drivers, fans and for the public. I personally will miss this website as well as all the friends I have made near and far. Please support the tracks around because if you don’t, there will be no tracks to race. Don’t let our sport be a thing of the passed. 
Again, Thanks to everybody who have supported our track, even the ones who passed us up to go elsewhere at times. We understand. So with that being said , keep smelling the racing fuel and turn left all you can ! ????????????God Bless you all.”

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