Live Updates from the Hangover at 411 Motor Speedway


We will be providing live updates from the Hangover race at the 411 Motor Speedway in Seymour, Tenn. on January 1, 2014.

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To follow along, simply scroll down to the bottom of the page. Also, refresh the page frequently as new information will be added often.

Classes in action:

Limited/Crate Late Models for $1,500-to-win.

Sportsman for $400-to-win.

Thunder & Lightning for $400-to-win.

Street Stock for $300-to-win.

Mini Stock/FWD for $200-to-win.

Time: Drivers meeting is set for 12:45 with hot laps to begin around 1:00pm.

Weather: The forecast calls for clear skies with temperatures in the 50s.

I am going to try to keep each class separate from the others so all the information for that division can be found in the same location.

Cars are out helping to run the track in. Hot laps should be coming soon.

Late Models:

Drivers here- Pierce McCarter, Josh Driskill, William Overby, Ross White, Ryan King, Josh Henry, Jensen Ford, Tristan Clawson, Jason Welshan, Jason Manley, Cory Hedgecock, Josh Evans, Jason Cardwell, Rusty Ballenger, Travis Banther, Josh Cheney. 17 cars.

Hot laps complete.

Cars lining up to qualify. Top-2 will be locked in via time trials while everyone else will heat race.

Top-2 qualifiers were:

Cory Hedgecock- 13.827

Jason Manley- 14.035

Heat 1 finish- Henry, Ford, White, Ballenger, Overby.

Heat 2 finish- Cardwell, Welshan, King, McCarter, Driskill, Chesney, Evans.

35 lap feature:

Green flag at 5:10.

Caution on lap 4 for Driskill spin. Hedgecock leads Henry, Ford, Manley.

Lap 5 caution involving Manley and Overby. Manley is out. Manley had been tagged by another car in turn one before finally spinning in turn three.

Hedgecock leads Henry, Ford, Welshan and Cardwell.

Lap 12 caution for Driskill. Hedgecock continues to lead over Ford and Henry.

After being pressured for a few laps following the lap 12 restart Cory Hedgecock pulled away for the win over Ford, White, Ballenger and Henry.


Drivers here- Wayne Rader, Kip Sawyer, Colt Deverell, Jacob Owens, Tony Lindsey, Mike Kelley, Heath Alvey, Rex Coffey, Travis Banther, James Parrott. 10 cars.

Hot laps complete.

Heat race finish- Alvey, Rader, Sawyer, Coffey, Parrott.

20 lap feature:

Green flag at 4:40.

Alvey led early but suddenly slowed on lap 12 with mechanical trouble. Rader now leads.

After several late cautions, the feature was stopped on lap 17.

Finish- Wayne Rader wins over Sawyer, Parrott and Coffey.

Thunder & Lightning:

Drivers here- Tony Wilson, Robbie Comer, Jonathan Sims, Tommy Huston. 4 cars.

Hot laps complete.

Heat race finish: Comer, Wilson, Sims, Huston.

20 lap feature:

Green flag at 4:25.

Thunder & Lightning feature finish- Robbie Comer wins over Sims, Huston and Wilson.


Street Stocks:

Drivers here- Jerry Hux, David Price, Charlie Bates, Bret Banks, Danny Casteel, Corey Summers, Austin Byrd, Jeff McLemore, Austin Atkins, Michael Boyd. 11 cars.

Hot laps complete.

Heat 1 finish- Hux, Bates, Byrd, Boring.

Heat 2 finish- Atkins, Boyd, McLemore, Banks, Price.

20 lap feature:

Green flag at 3:52.

Jerry Hux with a hard crash in turn one while leading. He appears to be OK. Michael Boyd appears to have also been involved. One lap complete.

Several cautions early. Bates leads McLemore and Byrd.

Street Stock feature cut short due to time limit.

Finish- Jeff McLemore wins over Boyd, Byrd, Atkins and Bates.

Mini Stocks:

Drivers here- Mitchell Fox, Lee Merritt, Robert Burris, Jason Carter, Nick Perry, Tommy Metler, Mike Townsend, Danny Tate, Jason Gregory, Anthony Raper, Bryant Idles, Michael Courtney. 12 cars.

Hot laps complete.

Heat 1 finish- Courtney, Burris, Fox, Perry, Idles.

Heat 2 finish- Carter, Townsend, Merritt, Gregory, Metler.

20 lap Mini Stock feature:

Jason Carter’s car will not start.

Green flag at 3:30.

Several cautions in first half of the race. Currently, Courtney leads Townsend, Gregory and Merritt.

Mini Stock feature cut short due to time limit.

Finish- Courtney, Townsend, Gregory, Merritt, Burris.


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