Quick Six: Time Management


This edition of the Quick Six blog looks at time management in the sport. More and more people are paying attention to the time it takes to run programs. Here are some thoughts on that and other time management issues.

  1. Regional race series should take a cue from the national series on time management when it comes to getting cars onto the track. Taking 10-15 minutes to line up cars just to qualify should not be acceptable.
  2. If drivers can’t line up in time, close the gate and start without them. The first time they do that will be the last time they do that.
  3. Two-day, $10,000 to win programs are like dinosaurs – they aren’t around any more. When a track tries to have one these days, racers and fans will question the motives with an extra day of ticket sales involved.
  4. Running point races into late October or early November seems like a waste of time since so few drivers run for points these days.
  5. Curfews at racetracks are becoming more popular because most people aren’t interested in hanging around until 1 or 2 in the morning.
  6. Crate racers following a series do a lot of racing each night for a small amount of money. Having time trials and heat races in the same program is not a good use of time.

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