Quick Six: social media and the weather

In the latest edition of the Quick Six blog, we look at some interesting bits regarding the use of social media, weather forecasts, and more.

  1. Race tracks that use social media can see the benefits of promoting their events on there. One negative is some tracks have too many people with access to their accounts. This can lead to some conflicting information. Only one or two people just have access to those accounts.
  2. One has to wonder if social media will become even more important to drivers with the Dirt Million using the platform for drivers to earn points for the event.
  3. The weather people are probably more negative for the sport of dirt track racing than social media. Spending all week calling for a rainy forecast, causing tracks to call of their events, and the rain never materializes costs racetracks more money than some negative social media posts.
  4. Fans that criticize tracks for calling a race early probably don’t realize the track has already lost money just for calling off the race. Advertising, food orders, etc. have already been paid for an event that never happens.
  5. The Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series race at Boyd’s Speedway will have some added intrique to see whether Scott Bloomquist is going to remain on their tour or follow World of Outlaws.
  6. The recent announcement of the sale of Cleveland Speedway, but not followed up with who owns it and plans for it, would leave one to believe the property will not be used as a racetrack. Time will tell if that theory is correct.

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