Quick Six: Race Tracks See Surge

The newest edition of the Quick Six blog focuses on some of the news and issues around dirt tracks across the county.

  1. The incident at Laurens County Speedway where a late model jumped the wall and made it through the fence shows how inadequate protective fencing is at many of the country’s dirt tracks. Short walls are a problem too.
  2. In this rapidly changing world, race tracks need to catch up with the rest of the country and have credit card/debit card machine installed at their gates and in the concessions area. People are carrying less cash these days, especially in this era of a pandemic.
  3. East Tennessee race tracks are doing quite well since full operations began in late May. Here’s to more success this season and future seasons.
  4. With no national touring series visits to the area in July, will attendance continue to be robust or return to a more normal numbers as compared to years past? So far, things seem to have stabilized.
  5. Holiday weekends used to be a great time for race tracks to hold special events. In this ever changing world, it’s getting harder to draw fans on holiday weekend races unless it’s a national touring series. Maybe it’s time for tracks to rethink their scheduling.
  6. Several of the newer regional series need to improve their pre-race and post-race promotion of their races. Facebook is not the only avenue to keep people informed as many people are turning away or have never used the platform.

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