Quick Six: Looking at the bigger picture


After taking some time off for a couple of weeks, this week’s Quick Six makes some observations with the latest happenings in dirt racing.

  1. Some racing folks have said they feel the uptick in concussions could be caused by the head restraint systems, where a driver is banging his/her head on the sides. Studies should be conducted to determine if this is the case.
  2. After seeing the infield of Bristol Motor Speedway being converted into a football field, I get thoughts of when the track was turned into a dirt track in 2000 and 2001. It was a major undertaking, but would be great to see that done again.
  3. Summer is winding down and attention turns to the big events of the sport. Too bad there isn’t one here in East Tennessee.
  4. The lawsuit over tampered tires at Eldora will have an adverse effect on the sport, if the plaintiffs win. It will certainly speed up the process of the national touring series going to handing out tires at the track sooner rather than later.
  5. Adding dates to a series, late in the season, does a disservice to those running for points in that series. They probably did not sign up for the extra travel when they agreed to run that series.
  6. Race fans should check out PRN’s “At The Track” radio show hosted by Lenny Batycki. Not only does the show cover asphalt racing, but a lot of dirt racing is also covered.

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