Quick Six: Early Season Thoughts


Inside Dirt Racing is starting a new weekly segment called Quick Six. Michael Moats will offer six quick thoughts on the topics of the day on a weekly basis through the season. When racing slows down, the blog will run every few weeks.

In the first installment, topics on the early season in 2015.

1. It’s good to see the major series eliminate the shock packages controlled by smart phones and other devices. While innovation is important to the sport, anything greatly adding to the costs and anything controlled outside of the car should not be allowed.

2. Shane Clanton is off to a great start and has turned the attention back to Capital Race Cars. Marshall Green and his drivers have done extensive testing that has paid off in the early going.

3. Donald McIntosh has been a good fit for Blount Motorsports thus far. McIntosh has won two races and nearly won a third.

4. East Tennessee is not in short supply of special events in 2015. Nearly every week sees something on the schedule from early March through early September.

5. Jason Welshan continues his winning ways in the crate late models. Some on 4m have questioned if his car is legal. Stay tuned.

6. Here’s to hoping the weather does a quick turnaround so racing can start next weekend in the area. This writer is ready to see some red clay instead of white snow (or yellow snow in some places).

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