Live Updates: Spring Nationals at Smoky Mountain(4-13-19)

Facebooktwitter will be providing live updates from the ‘Smoky Mountain Showdown’ Spring Nationals and American Crate All Stars Series event at Smoky Mountain Speedway in Maryville, TN on Saturday evening, April 13, 2019. The updates will be provided by Richard Allen(@RichardAllenIDR on Twitter and @RichardAllenIDR on Instagram).

These updates are brought to you by Smoky Mountain Speedway in Maryville, Tenn. The next event coming to SMS will be the “Rockin’ With the Stars” Southern All Star Dirt Racing Series and USCS Sprint Car races on April 26, 2019.

Classes in action: Spring Nationals for 10,000-to-win along with American Crate All Stars Series for $2,000-to-win. Sportsman Late Model will also be in action. 

*Please Note: These updates will focus on the Spring Nationals and American Crate All Star Series races.

General Information:

Weather is expected to be cool with a diminishing chance for showers throughout the night.

The drivers meeting is slated for 6:00pm with hot laps to follow soon afterward.

Dale McDowell leads the Spring Nationals standings over Donald McIntosh, Ashton Winger, Michael Page and John Henderson.

6:30- Hot laps for all classes will get underway after some last minute track prep has been completed.

7:20- All hot laps have concluded. Qualifying up next.

Photos: I often post photos and/or short videos on my @RichardAllenIDR Twitter account and my @RichardAllenIDR Instagram account if you would like to take a look.

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Live Updates:

Spring Nationals Super Late Models

Car Count: 23 cars

Drivers Expected: 1- Vic Hill, 2- Brandon Overton, 2C- Joey Coulter, 3- Steve Smith, 4T- Tommy Kerr, c5- David Crabtree, 5- Lamar Winkle, 7m- Donald McIntosh, 7w- Ricky Weiss, 8- David Payne, 8- Kyle Stricker, 10- Ryan Crane, 12- Ashton Winger, 17m- Dale McDowell, 18- Brandon Kinzer, 21- Robby Moses, 21K- Dakotah Knuckles, 56- Colton Horner , 87- Ross Bailes, 97- Michael Chilton, 97- Bobby Giffin, 101- Forrest Trent, 144- Chicky Barton

Qualifying Results:

Group A Results- 1. Stricker(15.811), 2. Chilton, 3. Moses, 4. Hill, 5. Payne, 6. Kerr, 7. Trent, 8. Coulter, 9. Giffin, 10. Kinzer, 11. Winkle, 12. Smith

Group B Results- 1. McIntosh (15.810), 2. Bailes, 3. McDowell, 4. Overton, 5. Winger, 6. Knuckles, 7. Weiss, 8. Crane, 9. Barton, 10. Horner, 11. Crabtree

Heat Race Results: There will be four heat races. Everyone transfers to the feature.

Heat 1 Finish- 1. Strickler, 2. Moses, 3. Kerr, 4. Giffin, 5. Trent, 6. S Smith

Heat 2 Finish- 1. Hill, 2. Chilton, 3. Payne, 4. Coulter, 5. Kinzer, 6. Winkle

Heat 3 Finish- 1. McDowell, 2. Weiss, 3. McIntosh, 4. Winger, 5. Crabtree, 6. Horner

Heat 4 Finish- 1. Overton, 2. Bailes, 3. Knuckles, 4. Barton, 5. Crane

B-main Results: No B-mains will be needed.

Feature Notes:

Feature Lineup- 1. Strickler, 2. McDowell, 3. Hill, 4. Overton, 5. Moses, 6. Weiss, 7. Chilton, 8. Bailes, 9. Kerr, 10. McIntosh, 11. Payne, 12. Knuckles, 13. Giffin, 14. Winger, 15. Coulter, 16. Barton, 17. Trent, 18. Crabtree, 19. Kinzer, 20. Crane, 21. S Smith, 22. Horner, 23. Winkle

10:53- Feature rolling out. 50 laps for $10,000.

10:57- Four wide!

10:59- Green flag!

Lap 6 caution for Crane with a flat tire. McDowell leads Overton, Strickler, Hill, Weiss, Bailes, Chilton, McIntosh, Kerr, Moses

Lap 17 caution for Barton. Overton just passed McDowell for the lead but the pass was negated because the lap wasn’t completed before the caution. Strickler, Weiss, Bailes, Hill, Kerr, Chilton follow the lead duo.

Lap 21 caution for Horner stopped on track. McDowell leads Overton, Weiss, Strickler, Kerr, Bailes, Chilton, Hill.

A great race. The top-3 ran in tight formation over the second half. Overton and Weiss exchanged sliders multiple times for second.

Feature Results: 1. McDowell, 2. Overton, 3. Weiss, 4. Strickler, 5. Chilton, 6. McIntosh, 7. Kerr, 8. Bailes, 9. Winger

American Crate All Star Series

Car Count: 30 cars

Qualifying Results: The top-6 will be locked into a fast car dash. The results of the dash will set the first three rows on the feature starting grid.

1. Cory Hedgecock (16.97), 2. Ross White, 3. Tyler Arrington, 4. Jensen Ford, 5. Greg Martin, 6. Matt Long

Heat Race Results: There will be three heat races with the top-5 from each transferring to the feature.

Dash Finish- 1. Hedgecock, 2. Arrington, 3. White, 4. Martin, 5. Ford, 6. Long

Heat 1 Finish- 1. Jake Teague, 2. Chris Chandler, 3. Jason Cardwell, 4. Michael Smith, 5. Mike Smith

Heat 2 Finish- 1. Bradley Lewelling, 2. Clay Coghlan, 3. Aaron Guinn, 4. Eli Beets, 5. Jeff Neubert

Heat 3 Finish- 1. Michael Courtney, 2. Brandon Williams, 3. Chip Brindle, 4. Josh Henry, 5. Bobby Mays

B-main Results:

Feature Notes:

10:12- Feature rolling out. 30 laps for $2,000.

Lap 7 caution as White was attempting to pass Arrington for third. They tangled and White spun. Ford was collected. Hedgecock leads Martin, Arrington, Teague, Long, Lewelling and Courtney.

Lap 8 caution for Lewelling. Hedgecock leads Martin, Arrington, Teague, Courtney, Long, Cardwell, Coghlan

Hedgecock completely dominated.

Feature Results: 1. Hedgecock, 2. Martin, 3. Teague, 4. Arrington, 5. Long, 6. Courtney, 7. Coghlan, 8. Cardwell

Dale McDowell leads the Spring Nationals standings


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