Live Updates: Lil Bill Corum Memorial at Tazewell Speedway(7-3-23) will be providing live updates from the Schaeffer’s Oil Spring Nationals/Valvoline Iron-Man Late Model Series co-sanctioned Lil Bill Corum Memorial $21,000-to-win event at Tazewell Speedway in Tazewell, TN on Monday, July 3, 2023. These updates will be provided by Richard Allen(@RichardAllenIDR on Twitter and @RichardAllenIDR on Instagram).

Live updates are provided by Smoky Mountain Speedway.

Weather Forecast: Partly cloudy with highs in the 80s and a few scattered showers in the area.

Time: Drivers meeting slated for 7:00pm.

Feature Payout: $21,000-to-win(75 laps)

Track Description: Third-mile clay oval

Other Classes: Sportsman, Classics

Live Stream:

Pre-race Notes: Josh Rice leads the Iron-Man standings over Adam Ahl and Michael Chilton.

Carson Ferguson has already been crowned as the Spring Nationals champion.

This race was originally scheduled for April 8th but was postponed due to weather.

8:00- Hot laps about to begin.

Live Updates:

Car Count: 20 cars

Drivers Here: B00- Josh Henry, 1G- Aaron Guinn, 1v- Vic Hill, 3- Austin Neely, 3- Steve Smith, 7- Adam Ahl, 7m- Donald McIntosh, 7w- Ricky Weiss, 8- David Payne, 17- Brian Shockley,17m- Dale McDowell, 20- Jimmy Owens, 21k- Dakotah Knuckles, 22- Matthew Holt, 51- Mack McCarter, 79- Josh Sneed, 90- John Llewellyn, 90- Jason Trammell, 95- Brandon Williams, 316- Brian Smith

*Driver list is incomplete and unofficial until after the drivers meeting.

Qualifying Results: There will be a $2,100 bonus awarded to the fast qualifier if that driver pre-registered for the race.

1. Dale McDowell(11.267), 2. Ricky Weiss, 3. Austin Neely, 4. Jimmy Owens, 5. David Payne, 6. Donald McIntosh, 7. Dakotah Knuckles, 8. Vic Hill, 9. Mack McCarter, 10. Josh Henry, 11. Brandon Williams, 12. John Llewellyn, 13. Brian Smith, 14. Aaron Guinn, 15. Adam Ahl, 16. Jason Trammell, 17. Matthew Holt, 18. Brian Shockley, 19. Josh Sneed, 20. Steve Smith

*McDowell earned a $2100 fast qualifier bonus because he had pre-registered.

Heat Races: There will be three heat races with all cars transferring to the feature.

Heat 1 Finish- 1. Dale McDowell, 2. Jimmy Owens, 3. Dakotah Knuckles, 4. Josh Henry,, 5. Jason Trammell, 6. Brian Smith, 7. Josh Sneed

Heat 2 Finish- 1. Ricky Weiss, 2. David Payne, 3. Vic Hill, 4. Brandon Williams, 5. Aaron Guinn, 6. Steve Smith, 7. Matthew Holt

Heat 3 Finish- 1. Austin Neely, 2. Donald McIntosh, 3. Mack McCarter, 4. John Llewellyn, 5. Brian Shockley, 6. Adam Ahl

B-main Results:

Feature Notes:

Feature Lineup – 1. McDowell, 2. Weiss, 3. Neely, 4. Owens, 5. Payne, 6. McIntosh, 7. Knuckles, 8. Hill, 9. McCarter, 10. Henry, 11. Williams, 12. Llewellyn, 13. Trammell, 14. Guinn, 15. Shockley, 16. B Smith, 17. S Smith, 18. Ahl, 19. Sneed, 20. Holt

10:11- Feature rolling out. 75 laps for $21,000.

10:24- Four wide!

10’26- Green flag!

Lap 3 caution for multi-car incident involving S Smith, B Smith, Guinn, Holt. McDowell leads Owens, Weiss, Neely, McIntosh

Restart crash involving Hill and Payne. Payne got out of his car and went to the window of Hill’s car after they came to a stop. Both cars are out of the race. They were running 6th and 7th.

Lap 12 caution for debris. McDowell leads but had contact with a slower car. Weiss, Owens, McIntosh, Knuckles, McCarter and Neely follow.

Lap 30- McDowell out to a big lead over Weiss, Owens, Knuckles, McIntosh

Lap 39 caution for a flat on Henry. McDowell dominating. Weiss, Owens, Knuckles and McIntosh tight for positions 2-5.

20 to go. McDowell leads but Owens keeping pace. Weiss, McIntosh and Knuckles run 2-5.

Lap 57 caution for slowing Knuckles. McDowell leads Owens, Weiss, McIntosh and McCarter

10 to go- McDowell, Owens, Weiss

Feature Results: 1. Dale McDowell, 2. Jimmy Owens, 3. Ricky Weiss, 4. Donald McIntosh, 5. Brandon Williams, 6. Mack McCarter, 7. Jason Trammell, 8. Austin Neely, 9. Aaron Guinn, 10. Adam Ahl, 11. Josh Sneed, 12. Dakotah Knuckles, 13. Josh Henry, 14. Steve Smith, 15. Brian Shockley, 16. Brian Smith, 17. Matthew Holt, 18. John Llewellyn, 19. David Payne, 20. Vic Hill

Jimmy Owens will be among the entrants

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