Live Updates: Hunt the Front at Rome Speedway(9-2-23) will be providing live updates from the Hunt the Front Super Dirt Series-sanctioned $15,000-to-win Rome Boss at Rome Speedway in Rome, Georgia on Saturday, September 2, 2023. These updates will be provided by Richard Allen(@RichardAllenIDR on Twitter and @RichardAllenIDR on Instagram).

Live updates are provided by Smoky Mountain Speedway.

Weather Forecast: Partly cloudy with highs in the 80s with little to no chance for rain.

Time: Hot laps are set for 7:00pm

Feature Payout: $15,000-to-win

Track Description: Half-mile clay oval

Other Classes: Limited Late Models and other classes

Live Stream: Hunt the Front TV

Pre-race Notes: Josh Putnam leads the HTF points ahead of Joseph Joiner and Wil Herrington.

6:00- Drivers meeting about to begin.

6:25- Hot laps set to begin soon.

6:53- HTF hot laps have concluded. Qualifying up soon.

Live Updates:

Car Count: 26 cars

Drivers Here: 01- Tate McCollum , 1- Jason Hiett, 1c- Kenny Collins, F1- Payton Freeman, T1- Todd Morrow,  2- Bo Slay, 2x- John Henderson, 5- Rusty Hatfield, 9- Jason Croft, 10- Joseph Joiner, 10RC- Ryan Crane, 11- Austin Smith, 11- Austin Kirkpatrick, 12- Ashton Winger, 14JR- Trey Mills,  16- Sam Seawright, 16- Austin Horton, 17m- Dale McDowell, 18x- Michael Page, 19m- Wil Herrington, 21- Joey Armistead Jr., 22- Will Roland, 27- Jay Scott, 31- Tyler Millwood, 42- Cla Knights, 44- Dalton Cook, 55- Benji Hicks, 57- Zack Mitchell, 187- David McCoy, 212- Josh Putnam

Drivers list is incomplete and unofficial until after the drivers meeting.

Qualifying Results: 1. Dale McDowell (14.349), 2. Wil Herrington, 3. Ashton Winger, 4. Jason Hiett, 5. Zack Mitchell, 6. Joseph Joiner, 7. Dalton Cook, 8. Jason Croft, 9. Ryan Crane, 10. Michael Page, 11. Tyler Millwood, 12. Austin Smith

Heat Race Results: There will be three heat races with the top-6 transferring to the feature from each. The winner of each heat will draw for their starting position in the feature.

Heat 1 Lineup – 1. McDowell, 2. Hiett, 3. Cook, 4. Page, 5. Kirkpatrick, 6. Seawright, 7. Henderson, 8. McCollum, 9. Morrow

Heat 1 Finish– 1. Dale McDowell, 2. Jason Hiett, 3. Michael Page, 4. Dalton Cook, 5. Austin Kirkpatrick, 6. John Henderson

Heat 2 Lineup – 1. Herrington, 2. Mitchell, 3. Croft, 4. Millwood, 5. Slay, 6. Horton, 7. Scott, 8. Mills, 9. Hatfield

Heat 2 Finish– 1. Wil Herrington, 2. Zack Mitchell, 3. Jason Croft, 4. Austin Horton, 5. Tyler Millwood, 6. Jay Scott

Heat 3 Lineup- 1. Winger, 2. Joiner, 3. Crane, 4. Smith, 5. Putnam, 6. Knight, 7. Roland, 8. Armistead

Heat 3 Finish– 1. Ashton Winger, 2. Joseph Joiner, 3. Austin Smith, 4. Ryan Crane, 5. Josh Putnam, 6. Cla Knight

B-main Results: There will be one B-main with the top-4 transferring to the feature.

No B-main. Starting all cars.

Feature Notes:

Feature Lineup- 1. Herrington, 2. McDowell, 3. Winger, 4. Hiett, 5. Mitchell, 6. Joiner, 7. Page, 8. Croft, 9. Smith, 10. Cook, 11. Horton, 12. Crane, 13. Kirkpatrick, 14. Millwood, 15. Putnam, 16. Henderson, 17. Scott, 18. Knight, 19. Morrow, 20. Mills, 21. Roland, 22. McCollum, 23. Slay, 24. Armistead

9:25- Feature rolling out. 50 laps for $15,000.

9:32- Four wide!

9:34- Green flag!

Lap 9 caution as second running Herrington slows. McDowell had been pulling away. Winger now second then Mitchell, Hiett, Page, Joiner, Smith, Horton. Herrington returns after tire change and repairs.

Lap 18 caution as fourth running Hiett slows. McDowell was under heavy pressure from Winger with Mitchell closing from third. Page and Joiner are now fourth and fifth.

Lap 25 caution as leader McDowell slows. It looks like the 17 has been returned to the front. This appears to actually be a debris caution. Winger, Mitchell, Page and Joiner run 2-5.

McDowell now being moved to the third position as that’s where he appeared to be at the time of caution. He has stopped to speak with an official.

After a discussion, Winger leads Mitchell and McDowell

Page and Henderson crash on the restart.

10 to go- Winger leads but McDowell is right there

Lap 42 caution as Roland slows. Winger leads McDowell, Mitchell, Joiner, Horton, Millwood

Lap 47 caution as fourth running Mitchell slows. Winger leads McDowell, Joiner, Millwood and Horton

McDowell gets by Winger coming to the white flag. Appears as of Winger had a flat.

Feature Results: 1. Dale McDowell, 2. Joseph Joiner, 3. Tyler Millwood, 4. Austin Horton, 5. Dalton Cook, 6. Ashton Winger, 7. Josh Putnam, 8. Wil Herrington, 9. Jay Scott, 10. Jason Croft, 11. Bo Slay, 12. Trey Mills, 13. Zack Mitchell, 14. Todd Morrow, 15. Austin Kirkpatrick, 16. Will Roland, 17. Michael Page, 18. Austin Smith, 19. John Henderson, 20. Tate McCollum, 21. Jason Hiett, 22. Ryan Crane, 23. Cla Knight, 24. Joey Armistead Jr.

Ashton Winger is expected to compete

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