Chris Madden adds $21,000 to his earnings in Corum Memorial at Tazewell


Chris Madden led all 75 laps on his way to a $21,000 win

Chris Madden had already ready won more money than most dirt racers will earn over the course of the entire season. His two wins and the overall points championship in the Bristol Dirt Nationals netted him more than $200,000. And on Saturday night at the Tazewell Speedway, the veteran driver added even more to his account by winning the Valvoline Iron-Man Late Model Series/Schaeffer’s Oil Spring Nationals co-sanctioned Lil Bill Corum Memorial.

The Rocket Chassis driver from Gray Court, SC picked up a $21,000 check for his efforts at the high-banked third-mile Tazewell, Tennessee track.

A total of 37 cars were signed in for competition.

Group A Qualifying Results: 1. Brandon Overton(11.014), 2. Dale McDowell,  3. Ryan King,  4. Jimmy Owens, 5. Cla Knight

Group B Qualifying Results: 1. Chris Madden(11.114), 2. Ricky Weiss, 3. Ross Bailes, 4. Jonathan Davenport, 5. Scott Bloomquist

Heat 1 Results: 1. Brandon Overton, 2. Ryan King, 3. Cla Knight, 4. Josh Henry

Heat 2 Results: 1. Jimmy Owens, 2. Dale McDowell, 3. Austin Neely, 4. Kyle Strickler

Heat 3 Results: 1. Chris Madden, 2. Ross Bailes, 3. Scott Bloomquist, 4. Brandon Williams

Heat 4 Results: 1. Ricky Weiss, 2. Mack McCarter, 3. Dakotah Knuckles, 4. Michael Chilton

B-main 1 Results: 1. Stacy Boles, 2. David Payne, 3. Terry Wolfenbarger

B-main 2 Results: 1. Aaron Guinn, 2. Payton Freeman, 3. Christian Hanger

Feature Re-cap: It would be Madden who would jump to the early lead when the 75-lap feature took the green flag with Overton, Weiss, Owens and Bailes in his tire tracks. McCarter moved in to challenge Bailes for the final position within the top-5 during the second lap but Bailes would hold on to the spot.

By the time the fifth lap had been completed the top-5 of Madden, Overton, Weiss, Owens and Bailes were engaged in a high speed game of chase as they worked to separate themselves from the rest of the field. Just a few laps later. Madden, Overton and Weiss created even more separation between themselves and the those in pursuit.

Madden began to encounter slower traffic by lap 11 but showed that he wasn’t afraid to make big moves to get around the slower cars as he cut through and around while keeping the other drivers in arrears. But a lap 15 caution for Chilton would regroup the pack.

At the race’s one-third mark, the front runners continued to hold station with Madden, Weiss, Overton, Owens and McDowell making up the top-5.

A lap 28 mishap ruined the chances for an Owens victory as he and Boles tangled. On the ensuing restart, Overton moved back to second while McDowell rose to fourth. The high speed parade continued until a lap 44 caution for the slowing car of the fifth-running Bailes slowed the pace.

On the lap 44 restart, Weiss returned to second while Knuckles moved up to fourth. However, Knuckles would not keep the spot long as McDowell reclaimed fourth on lap 47. Madden continued to carve his way through traffic while building a relatively comfortable lead in the process.

One last yellow flag for the slowing car of the third-running Overton would set up a dash to the finish. But in the end, Madden proved too strong for those who had hopes of catching him.

Feature Results: 1. Chris Madden,  2. Ricky Weiss,  3. Dale McDowell,  4. Scott Bloomquist,  5. Dakotah Knuckles,  6. Kyle Strickler,  7. Ross Bailes,  8. Jonathan Davenport,  9. Christian Hanger, 10. David Payne, 11. Payton Freeman, 12. Austin Neely, 13. Michael Chilton, 14. Cla Knight, 15. Brandon Overton, 16. Aaron Guinn, 17. Jimmy Owens, 18. Josh Henry, 19. Stacy Boles, 20. Brandon Williams, 21. Ryan King, 22. Jensen Ford, 23. Mack McCarter, 24. Carson Ferguson

To the victor goes the spoils

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