Bobby Pierce claims FloRacing feature at Fairbury

Winner Bobby Pierce

Bobby Pierce had a disappointing World 100 but on Tuesday night the ‘Smooth Operator’ improved his outlook by claiming the Castrol FloRacing Night in America checkered flag at Fairbury Speedway. His 30th win of the 2023 season elevated the current World of Outlaws CASE Construction Late Model Series points leader to the top spot in the FloRacing standings.

The Longhorn Chassis driver from Oakwood, Illinois earned $23,023 for his win at the track located in Fairbury, Illinois in a race aired live by

A total of 31 cars were signed in for competition

Qualifying Results: 1. Dennis Erb Jr.,(12.417), 2. Garrett Smith, 3. Brandon Sheppard, 4. Tanner English, 5. Bobby Pierce, 6. Kyle Bronson, 7. Ricky Thornton Jr., 8. Garrett Alberson, 9. Jonathan Davenport, 10. Hudson O’Neal

Heat 1 Results: 1. Tanner English, 2. Dennis Erb Jr., 3. Hudson O’Neal, 4. Ricky Thornton Jr. 5. Daulton Wilson, 6. Kevin Weaver

Heat 2 Results: 1. Garrett Smith, 2. Bobby Pierce, 3. Mike Marlar, 4. Shannon Babb, 5. Garrett Alberson, 6. Jason Feger

Heat 3 Results: 1. Kyle Bronson, 2. Brandon Sheppard, 3. Jonathan Davenport, 4. Mike Mataragas, 5. Ricky Weiss, 6. Mckay Wenger

B-main Finish: 1. Tim McCreadie, 2. Mike Harrison, 3. Ryan Unzicker 

Feature Re-cap: The 50-lap feature got underway with English leading Smith, Bronson, Erb and Sheppard. Erb moved and Bronson exchanged the third spot between laps 2 and 4 while Pierce began to charge forward getting by Sheppard and Erb to climb to fourth by lap 5. 

Smith took the lead from English on lap 6 as Pierce continued to rise passing Bronson for third. O’Neal entered the fray bursting into the top-5 on lap 10.

By lap 15, Smith and Pierce were exchanging the lead with O’Neal joining in until Alberson slowed to bring out a caution on lap 16. That battle continued following the restart with Pierce going to the lead just before halfway. Contact between O’Neal and Smith dropped those two drivers back in the field.

Pierce led at lap 30 over English, Erb, Babb and Bronson with cars racing all over the track. That running order remained the same as the laps clicked inside of 10 to go until Erb and Babb passed English for second and third with five to go.

In the end, Pierce pulled away to secure the win.

Feature Results: 1. Bobby Pierce, 2. Dennis Erb Jr., 3. Shannon Babb, 4. Tanner English, 5. Kyle Bronson, 6. Ricky Thornton Jr., 7. Brandon Sheppard, 8. Mike Marlar, 9. Jonathan Davenport, 10. Daulton Wilson, 11. Hudson O’Neal, 12. Ricky Weiss, 13. Tim McCreadie, 14. Ryan Unzicker, 15. Jason Feger, 16. Tyler Erb, 17. Mike Mataragas, 18. Kevin Weaver, 19. Garrett Smith, 20. Mckay Wenger, 21. Garrett Alberson, 22. Mike Harrison

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