411 Motor Speedway to be sold, racing will come to an end

The news is a familiar news to dirt racing fans in east Tennessee. Another racetrack will be sold and will no longer host racing.

Multiple sources have told Inside Dirt Racing that 411 Motor Speedway will be sold to a business that deals in salvaged vehicles. The McCarter family is expected to finalize the sale in March. Neither party offered a comment.

The news comes on the heels of Boyd’s Speedway closing earlier this year. The Ringgold, GA track that sits on the Tennessee-Georgia state line has not seen racing all year. Many have felt the track has seen its last race. This follows the closure and demolition of Cleveland Speedway in 2018. And questions remain around the short-term and long-term future of Volunteer Speedway.

While east Tennessee was once considered a hot bed for dirt racing, the area has seen a number of tracks close in the last 20 years. Atomic Speedway was the first domino when it closed after the 2006 season. Scenic Raceway in Oneida, TN was for sale, but never sold and has wasted away. Big South Fork Raceway in Scott County closed nearly 20 years ago but looks to be headed for a comeback. All of this precedes the closures of Cleveland, Boyd’s, and now 411. And this list does not include tracks that have closed in middle and west Tennessee.

411 will hold its final race on November 25 with The Leftover race. Details for the event can be found on the track’s web site and Facebook page.

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