Weekly Racing Heroes: Luke Ellis

Luke Ellis

Weekly Racing Heroes will be a regular feature on InsideDirtRacing.com throughout the 2019 racing season. These pieces will focus on drivers in east Tennessee who race on a weekly basis at the tracks of this region. Here, drivers will answer three questions that will provide fans with a look into the lives of their favorite weekly competitors.

Like many other racers, Luke Ellis started out at a young age and has essentially grown up racing. The 20-year-old driver has tried several forms of the sport but has now settled on dirt racing, primarily at 411 Motor Speedway.

Driver: Luke Ellis

Hometown: Sevierville, TN

Class: Classics

What got you started in racing?

“I actually started racing when I was 8-years-old in motocross and then we took a few years off. When I was 15 we started drag racing and decided that wasn’t for us so we picked up dirt track racing when I was 16 and I’ve been doing it ever since. I’ve been in the Classics since we started on dirt but I’m building a Sportsman right now.”

What is the goal you want to achieve in racing?

“I just want to have fun. I don’t have any big time goals. We don’t do it for the money.”

What keeps you coming back week after week?

“It’s just the community of racing. I love hanging out with all my friends at the track and working on the cars all week is fun.”

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