Weekly Racing Heroes: Lee Merritt


Lee Merritt

Weekly Racing Heroes will be a regular feature on InsideDirtRacing.com throughout the 2019 racing season. These pieces will focus on drivers in east Tennessee who race on a weekly basis at the tracks of this region. Here, drivers will answer three questions that will provide fans with a look into the lives of their favorite weekly competitors.

Driver: Lee Merritt

Hometown: Knoxville, TN

Class: Classics

Lee Merritt has shown himself to be one of east Tennessee’s most outstanding drivers. The 28-year-old racer has driven in multiple classes and has been a force to reckon every time he has strapped into the driver’s seat since starting his racing career at 411 Motor Speedway.

What got you started in racing?

“It’s something my family has always done together. We’ve always went and watched. My papaw always raced so it’s been a family tradition. I started out in Four Cylinders and went to Sportsman then to Modified Street and now Classics. I’ve raced a little bit of everything.”

What is the goal you want to achieve in racing?

“I’m really doing it for the fans, you know, the kids. I want them to be able to do it when they get older so I can maybe inspire them.”

What keeps you coming back week after week?

“It’s in my blood. Just the fun of it. It’s a different kind of adrenaline rush.”

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