Weekly Racing Heroes: Aaron Guinn


Aaron Guinn

Weekly Racing Heroes will be a regular feature on InsideDirtRacing.com throughout the 2019 racing season. These pieces will focus on drivers in east Tennessee who race on a weekly basis at the tracks of this region. Here, drivers will answer three questions that will provide fans with a look into the lives of their favorite weekly competitors. 

Driver: Aaron Guinn

Hometown: Russellville, Tenn. 

Class: Crate Late Model and Sportsman Late Model

Aaron Guinn has raced successfully for several years around the east Tennessee region with Tazewell Speedway and Volunteer Speedway primarily serving as his home tracks. The 32-year-old driver comes from a family of racers and hopes to carry on that tradition for years to come.

What got you started in racing?

“It’s a family thing. It goes way back. I’m the third generation on my end. I started going to the race track when I was about five or six years old. It’s all I’ve ever known. I’ve had uncles, cousins, you know, we’re just a racing family for as long as I can remember.”

“I started go-karts at Ashway and Dumplin Valley. I started racing in a Street Stock at Volunteer Speedway in Bulls Gap and ran there for quite some time. Then when they started that Pure Street class at Tazewell we started running over there and got our first win over there. From there, we just kept on and on.”

What is the goal you want to achieve in racing?

Everybody in racing wants to get as big as those guys you see. You want to get as big as Josh Richards or Scott Bloomquist or Tim McCreadie and if that opportunity came along I would definitely capitalize on it, but as far as my funding and stuff goes, we’re mostly a regional type thing. I’d like to do some Super racing with the Schaeffer’s Oil Series because those guys are awesome.”

What keeps you coming back week after week?

“It’s the whole family atmosphere thing and all my friends. It’s an addiction. I mean once you start it there’s nothing else on Earth as good as dirt racing. It’s just it.”

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