Support Class Spotlight: Austin Byrd

We at recognize the contributions made to the sport of dirt racing by those who race in the support classes each week at our local tracks. Their work, dedication and sacrifice are just as great as those who compete in the Late Model divisions. As a result, we hope to shine a spotlight on one of those unsung heroes each week of this season by having them answer eight questions as well as provide other information.

Austin Byrd

Austin Byrd


Austin Byrd hasn’t been racing for very long but the 15-year-old William Blount High School student is showing remarkable improvement every time he hits the track. In the January 1st Hangover race at the 411 Motor Speedway the Rockford, Tenn. driver posted a career best 3rd place finish in the Street Stock feature race.

Look for more from this rising star throughout the 2014 season.

1. How long have you been in racing?

“Six months now in the Street Stocks at 411. But I’ve been around it my whole life with my mom and dad working at 411.”

2. Why the Modified Hobby class?

“That’s what my dad always said was one of his favorites and I like the look of the cars. And, I always liked to watch that class run because I thought that was the best racing so I figured I’d follow in my dad’s footsteps.”

3. The best thing about being a race car driver is____.

“Being out in town and you get recognized for what you do. And at my age, earning the respect of other people. My classmates think it’s pretty cool that I can get out on the track and race and that I get to build cars.”

4. Your best moment in racing came when ____.

“My top-5 finish last year at 411. My mom and dad were very proud.”

5. My biggest dream in racing would be _____.

“To be able to race with Jimmy Owens and Scott Bloomquist and people like that up in the late models.”

6. What other racer do you admire?

“My dad. He drove back in 2005, his best year in driving.”

7. What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re away from the track?

“Work on race cars with my dad.”

8. If I wasn’t racing I would be ____.

“I’d be helping other racers work on their race cars.”

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