Some Racing Things to be Thankful For


It’s the time of year when folks express the things they are most thankful for and this website is going to join in with everyone else. But since this is a racing website, we are going to put a racing slant on this Thanksgiving offering.

So here are some of the things we at are thankful for:

Drivers: When I think of things in the racing world that I am thankful for one of the first things that comes to mind is the men and women who take to the track at great risk for their own personal safety to compete against each other and to entertain those of us who watch them in awe and wonder as they ply their trade.

The sacrifices they have to make in terms of the time it takes to work on their cars and the endless hours of travel required for them to make it from one track to the next is staggering. And getting the opportunities that I do to see them up close in their pit areas and their shops, I can assure that these sacrifices are real and are draining emotionally, physically, and otherwise.

And more, I am grateful for the talent that these pilots have been granted to perform at such a high level. I believe it was famed announcer Ken Squier who described what racers do as “Common men doing uncommon things” and I couldn’t possibly agree with that more.

Track Owners and Promoters: A group of people who have earned my respect over the past several years in which I have covered this sport are those men and women who are willing to put their financial lives on the line to bring us the sport of auto racing. Without their willingness to risk their own economic well being to stage races, whether it be weekly shows or special events, this sport simply would not exist.

Further, these are people who spend hours upon hours along with blood, sweat, and tears mix in to prepare track surfaces and maintain facilities just so we as fans and the competitors can enjoy a Friday or Saturday night at the race track.

Roger Sellers and daughter Casey Moses are among the many who go to great lengths to promote this sport

Crew Members: There are many things in the world that I cannot do but one of the highest on the list would be to work on race cars. I am thankful that there are people in the world who have the skill to make race cars go fast. I appreciate the fact that they have invested the time to learn the many ins and outs of improving a car’s performance whether it be in tuning and engine or tweaking a chassis just to get an extra tenth of a second per lap.

I am thankful for the skinned knuckles, bumps, bruises, aches and pains that they are willing to endure. And I greatly appreciate the fact these men and women work in one of the most difficult environments imaginable with extreme heat, biting cold, choking dust, and excessive noise just so the person sitting in the driver’s seat can receive all the accolades at the end of a successful night.

And more, the skill of those who work in shops and garages all over the country to build the engines, produce the chassis, and all the many pieces and parts are not forgotten as well. It takes many people working behind the scenes to make the racing world go around.

Sponsors: One of the harsh realities of the sport of racing is that it is very expensive. Without companies and individuals who are willing to help foot the bills, all of the people mentioned above would not be able to do what they do. This sport consumes money faster than just about any other activity imaginable. Thankfully there are those out there with not only the means but the willingness to help offset those costs.

Interviewees: As a reporter I can assure you that the value of the news makers who are willing to tell their stories is greatly appreciated. And I will add that I cannot remember a single time in which anyone has ever said no when approached for an interview.

This site would not have very much content without the drivers, promoters, and crew members who have taken the time to answer questions at the track or talk on the telephone.

Fans: Needless to say, this sport would be lost without its fans. Their passion for racing as a whole and for their favorite drivers provide the fuel that makes everything else possible. And not to mention, and are happy that many of those fans take time out of their days to click on this site to check out the content.

My Wife and Kids: Last, but certainly not least, I have to thank my beautiful wife and my awesome kids. They tolerate my coming and going on the weekends, often leaving early in the afternoon and not coming home until the wee hours of the morning. And they do all of this without complaint.

I love them very much.


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