Scott James earns second consecutive 411 feature win


Scott James earned his second win at 411

Indiana native Scott James has only been to 411 Motor Speedway twice in his racing career but he has collected two feature wins in those visits. On Saturday afternoon the veteran driver won the Hangover event and collected $4,000 after outrunning and outlasting the field on a track that proved to be challenging after the Seymour, Tenn. area was hammered by heavy rains earlier in the week.

James won the Leftover race on the weekend after Thanksgiving just over one month ago.

David Crabtree proved to be the fastest in Group A qualifying and the fastest overall among the 32 cars signed in for competition when he broke the track record by posting a lap of 13.012 seconds. That effort beat out Chicky Barton, Jackie Boggs, Mack McCarter and Cory Hedgecock. Those five drivers were locked into the feature based on time-trial results.

James led the way in Group B qualifying with a time of 13.097 seconds around the 3/8 mile clay oval. Walker Arthur, Ryan King, Patrick Duggan and Johnny Cloer also earned spots on the feature starting grid out of qualifying.

Ray Cook and Todd Coffman won the two B-main races used to set the remainder of the starting lineup for the main event.

On the initial start of the 40-lap feature the pole sitting car of Crabtree went for a spin at the exit of turn two and was not hit by any other car which did not force track officials to throw a caution flag. However, Crabtree would bring out a caution on lap 2 when his car suffered a flat tire.

When the race got fully underway it was James who went to the early lead with Barton, Boggs, King and Hedgecock trailing. Hedgecock and King battled for fourth on lap 4 which in turn opened the door for McCarter to get by Hedgecock to grab fifth.

Barton began to work on James for the race lead on lap 7. Just behind the front runners it was King, Hedgecock and Coffman who found themselves in a three-wide fight for fifth.

Barton wrested the lead away from James on lap 13 while further back three-time Hangover winner McIntosh began to move forward as he passed Coffman for fourth. Barton’s lead would be short-lived as he had to go to the pit area with a flat tire during a lap 16 caution.

A James bobble on a lap 19 restart allowed McCarter to take the lead. However, the No. 51 car tagged the outside wall at the exit of turn four on lap 29 which ended his night prematurely and reinstated James to the race lead.

King then surged forward and attempted to take the top spot away on lap 31. However, that move opened the door for McIntosh to grab the runner-up position.

Over the remaining lap James would fend off the remaining cars in the field to take the checkered flag.

Feature Finish: 1. Scott James, 2. Donald McIntosh, 3. Ryan King, 4. Eric Webber, 5. Todd Coffman, 6. Myles Moos, 7. Chicky Barton, 8. Mack McCarter, 9. Johnny Cloer, 10. Bo Eaton, 11. Cory Hedgecock, 12. Jackie Boggs, 13. Bo Eaton, 14. Ruben Mayfield, 15. P.J. Simpson, 16. Christian Hanger, 17. David Crabtree, 18. Patrick Duggan, 19. Walker Arthur, 20. Layne Clifton, 21. Ray Cook, 22. Colton Flinner

***On another note, driver John Ownbey was injured during a rollover crash that took place in one of the Super Late Model consolation races. His wife reported on Facebook that he is being treated for concussion-like symptoms.



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