Ricky Weiss nabs Butterball Woolridge Memorial at Richmond

Ricky Weiss picked up just over $20,000 at Richmond

Ricky Weiss appeared on his way to a solid second place finish on Saturday night at the Richmond Raceway in the 35th annual Butterball Woolridge Memorial until race-long leader Josh Rice jumped the cushion with just three laps remaining opening the door for the Canadian driver to burst through.

The Sniper Chassis driver from Headingly, Manitoba earned $20,059 for his efforts in a race held on the 3/8 mile track located in Richmond, Kentucky.

The top-16 for the starting lineup was set from Friday night’s qualifying and heat races.

Starting Lineup: 1. Jared Hawkins(11B), 2. Josh Rice(11), 3. Ricky Weiss(7w), 4. Zack Dohm(17), 5. Scott James(83), 6. Dustin Linville(D8), 7. Tyler Carpenter(44), 8. Derek Fisher(38), 9. Victor Lee(6), 10. Michael Chilton(97), 11. James Rice(15), 12. Trevor Landrum(18), 13. Tristan Chamberlain(20TC), 14. Jeremy Creech(17c), 15. Tim Tungate(58), 16. Kenny Collins(1C)

B-main Results:

B-main 1 Finish: 1. Larry Martin Jr., 2. Shane Irvan, 3. Logan Walls

B-main 2 Finish: 1. Jason Jameson, 2. Wesley Brummett, 3. Blake Creech

Feature Re-cap: Josh Rice blasted to the early lead when the 59-lap feature took the green flag with Hawkins, Weiss, Linville and Dohm trailing. The early laps saw multiple caution flags with as pole sitter Hawkins fell victim to attrition early on then top-10 runner Chilton brought out a yellow with a flat tire.

Rice would bolt out to a big lead with each successive restart but the action behind him was somewhat chaotic with position changes taking place throughout the top-10. Particularly, Linville, Weiss and Lee took turns pursuing the seemingly invincible Rice.

Just before the halfway point, Linville would also suffer a flat tire and have to go to the tail of the field following a pit stop.

Weiss finally emerged as the second place runner but Rice proved to be masterful in traffic as he managed to maintain a relatively comfortable advantage. But as the laps clicked away and restarts continued, Weiss kept Rice a little closer each time.

A lap 54 yellow flag that was displayed when a hard charging Chilton jumped the cushion and slowed set up a five-lap dash to the finish. Rice again got out to the lead on the restart but Weiss applied pressure by using a low line as Rice took to the high side.

With three laps remaining, Rice jumped the cushion in turn two opening the door for Weiss to roar into the lead. From that point, the No. 7w controlled the closing laps to claim the win.

Click the play button below to hear our post-race interview with race winner Ricky Weiss.

Feature Results: 1. Ricky Weiss, 2. Zack Dohm, 3. Victor Lee, 4. Trevor Landrum, 5. Josh Rice, 6. Tristan Chamberlain, 7. Kenny Collins, 8. Logan Walls, 9. James Rice, 10. Blake Creech, 11. Jason Jameson, 12. Michael Chilton, 13. Tyler Carpenter, 14. Wesley Brummett, 15. Jeremy Creech, 16. Dustin Linville, 17. Shane Irvan, 18. Derek Fisher, 19. Tim Tungate, 20. Scott James, 21. Larry Martin Jr., 22. Jared Hawkins, 23. Brady Lear Brayton Laster

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