Ricky Weiss grabs Saturday WoO Late Models feature at Vado


Ricky Weiss took the lead near the halfway mark and sped to the win

Report written by using DirtVision.com audio and Race Monitor

The second of a season-opening triple-header for the World of Outlaws Morton Buildings Late Model Series took place on Saturday night at Vado Speedway Park. At the end of the evening it was Canadian Ricky Weiss who took the winner’s trophy and a check valued at $5,000 away from the New Mexico facility.

Weiss failed to win a WoO Late Models feature in 2019 finishing second six times.

Billy Moyer, Jr. was fastest in Group A qualifying by posting a lap of 15.641 seconds around the 3/8 mile clay oval to beat out Cade Dillard, Chris Madden, Brandon Sheppard and Scott Bloomquist.

The Group B leader proved to be Ricky Weiss as he toured the track in 15.823 seconds which bested Darrell Lanigan, Brent Larson, Billy Moyer, Sr. and Mike Marlar.

Chris Madden earned the win in the first heat race of the night as he beat Billy Moyer, Jr., Scott Bloomquist and Garrett Albertson to the checkered flag while Cade Dillard took the victory in the second preliminary ahead of Brandon Sheppard, Stormy Scott and Rick Eckert.

Ricky Weiss beat out Mike Marlar, Brent Larson and Ashton Winger in the third heat just before Darrell Lanigan won the fourth and final heat of the night over Billy Moyer, Sr., Earl Pearson, Jr. and Ashton Winger.

Brian Shirley and Dennis Erb, Jr. took the two Last Chance Showdowns used to fill out the starting grid for the main event.

The WoO Late Models redraw set the starting lineup for the first four rows as Chris Madden, Cade Dillard, Ricky Weiss, Darrell Lanigan, Billy Moyer, Sr., Mike Marlar, Brandon Sheppard and Billy Moyer, Jr.

At the start of the 30-lap feature it was Dillard who took the early lead with Madden, Weiss, Lanigan and Sheppard trailing. Friday night winner Madden took the lead away from Dillard on the second circuit pulling Weiss along as the No. 7 sped to the runner-up spot around Dillard.

Defending WoO Late Models champion Sheppard moved forward as he took fourth away from Lanigan on lap 3. Meanwhile, Madden looked as if he was on the way to consecutive wins as he began to pull away from the pack in the early laps.

Sheppard continued moving up as he seized the third position by passing Dillard on lap 7.

The only caution flag of the night waved on lap 9 when Brent Larson slowed. On the restart Sheppard bolted to the runner-up spot. But that gain did not last long as Weiss moved around Sheppard for second then set out after Madden.

Just before the halfway mark Weiss closed in on Madden then grabbed the lead on lap 14. Five laps later, Sheppard would also get by Madden for second.

Over the final laps Weiss picked his way through slower traffic while holding back the advances of Sheppard until reaching the checkered flag.

Feature Finish: 1. Ricky Weiss, 2. Brandon Sheppard, 3. Chris Madden, 4. Darrell Lanigan, 5. Mike Marlar, 6. Cade Dillard, 7. Billy Moyer, Sr., 8. Stormy Scott, 9. Chase Junghans, 10. Earl Pearson, Jr., 11. Brian Shirley, 12. Dennis Erb, Jr., 13. Garrett Alberson, 14. Ashton Winger, 15. Bobby Pierce, 16. Billy Moyer, Jr., 17. Scott Bloomquist, 18. Rick Eckert, 19. Boom Briggs, 20. Johnny Scott, 21. Matt Cosner, 22. Jason Rauen, 23. Brent Larson, 24. Blake Spencer, 25. Ivedent Lloyd, Jr., 26. Kody Evans, 27. Tony Toste



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