Quick Six: The Start of a New Season

The 2018 race season is upon us. Drivers have their cars ready and fans are eager to see dirt flying again. In this edition of the Quick Six, we look at some various tidbits as the new season approaches.

  1. It’s hard to believe in 2018 there are some racetracks and series that still do not make it a priority to post results from a race in a timely manner. Waiting weeks to post results for an off-season event is unacceptable in this day of instant access.
  2. A number of area racetracks have decided to clamp down on who gets a media pass for their events, something needed for a long time. The move isn’t to exclude anyone as much as it is to seperate those who legitimately cover the sport from those only there to make a dollar off drivers.
  3. Controlling costs in any form of racing is a myth. History shows teams with the money will just spend the money elsewhere.
  4. Interest in the 2018 season is as high as any season I have seen. The question is whether that interest can hold into the summer months, especially here in east Tennessee.
  5. Track officials are in place to diffuse any potential altercations, not to stoke the flames or even participate/instigate in an altercation.
  6. The alliance between most area tracks over fighting is a good idea if equally enforced. Tracks picking and chosing who will carry that suspension to their track make a mockery of the alliance. It should apply to ALL drivers, crew members, etc. and not exclude personal friends.

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