Quick Six: Silly season and off season news

The 2017 season is winding down, but that has not caused a slow down in news from the world of dirt late model racing. This edition of the Quick Six blog looks at some of those news items.

  1. Casey Roberts being named the new driver for Blount Motorsports is an excellent choice.
  2. With the news that Steve Francis is calling it a career as a driver, it shows dirt late model drivers are having a shorter shelf life than in years past, Scott Bloomquist and Billy Moyer excluded.
  3. Drivers that opt not to race when a track’s racing surface is extremely rough should not be questioned. There was a lot of damage sustained at a recent race with such track conditions.
  4. Jonathan Davenport’s move to drive for Lance Landers with Kevin Rumley turning the wrenches has the making for a super team in 2018. Other moves could be coming to counter that move. Stay tuned.
  5. Expect to see some schedule shuffling by a few area tracks in 2018 regarding some of their bigger events.
  6. Covering a race as a legit media person is a priviledge and not a right. Anyone posing as a legit media person that is not or abuses their access is someone that does not belong around the sport.

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