Quick Six: Safety, social media, and more


The latest edition of the Quick Six blog takes a look at some recent news that has our attention. Here are our views on them.

  1. Every track and series should adopt the same rules as the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series and World of Outlaws Late Model Series for securing weight onto a race car. And those two series should enforce those rules for all competitors. Steve Francis was lucky not to be more severely injured than he was when a piece of lead struck him in the front of his helmet a couple of weeks ago.
  2. Race tracks in this day and time should not find it acceptable to wait 3 or 4 days to post results. That is a good way for fans to lose interest in their track.
  3. The notion that live updates via social media or services like Race Monitor keep fans away is foolish. It’s a good tool for those that cannot make it to the track. Only a very few use it to stay away from the track.
  4. Again, the issue of walls came into play this past weekend. All tracks need to evaluate the walls around the racing surface to make sure there are no exposed openings where a driver can get seriously hurt or killed.
  5. With the rash of concussions on dirt late model racing, studies should be conducted to determine why the sudden uptick.
  6. 411 Motor Speedway starting a street stock class with a crate engine could prove to be a good move for area racing. Something needs to be done to address engine costs.

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