Quick Six: End of the season?

The newest edition of the Quick Six blog looks at the end of the season (?) and other notes as the year in racing is winding down across America.

  1. There really is not much of an off-season in dirt racing. One has to wonder if this will lead to burn out and fatigue for drivers, fans, and crew members.
  2. While some tracks can produce some decent racing for day time racing to end the season, it seems like all tracks that run a day race want to turn it into an all-day and all-night affair. Events lasting 8+ hours is not good for the paying fan or even the race teams and track employees.
  3. Some of the newer series that came into play in 2019 did a great job of promoting their particular series and getting a good following of drivers. But their respective seasons ended without a lot of fan fare with fans not knowing when their final races were taking place and who won their championship.
  4. Drivers such as Ross Bailes losing a ride, despite having lots of success, shows even dirt late model drivers need to bring something to the table other than driving ability. Sounds a lot like NASCAR.
  5. The Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series sent a mixed message by saying they needed drop a few tracks to shorten their schedule, only to add other tracks not already on the schedule. Reducing the number of races was probably needed, but it should have been handled much differently than it was.
  6.  It’s refreshing to see more women get into the sport in the areas of announcing, photography, and promoting. Many are really good at what they do. Let’s hope they get the support they deserve instead of being cast aside simply because they are female.

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