Quick Six: Dirt Racing and the Internet

The fall season is here. Lots of big money races still remain and the internet will be heavily involved in broadcasting many of these events. We take a look at the latest issues with dirt late model racing and the world wide web.

  1. While Eldora Speedway and FloRacing provided some entertaining racing two weeks ago, it’s nowhere close to the excitement of The Dream and the World 100. Some are wondering if the two replacement events should have not taken place at all.
  2. Racing pages that continue to do “favorites” polls on social media are only causing division and some hard feelings. While the intent may be good, the outcome isn’t always good.
  3. There has been much debate over sanctioning bodies shutting down live streams of their races via social media. While it does give fans a look at an event that are too far away to see, it still undercuts the series and the promoter by fans that do live close by opting to watching online. Not to mention, there may be copyright laws that are being violated.
  4. Any race series should not carry a race online without the permission of the promoter. Most deals, now, are offering little to no money to the promoter. It’s the promoters backside that’s on the line if fans to chose to stay home and watch it online.
  5. Race tracks that only post results and updates on social media, and not on their own web site, are missing out on a huge segment of the population. Search engines will direct users to the track web site first. If a person sees no updates, they usually have lost interest in attending a race there. Plus, not everybody is on social media.
  6. It’s good to see race tracks adding high speed internet to their facilities. Now, if it can only be accessed by the fans.

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