PPM introduces ‘Clickable Diagrams’ to their product website


Tech: Clickable Diagrams

If you’ve ever done a rebuild or a major repair on a large, complicated component – say a transmission for example, the chances are that you’ve thought at least one of two things; you’ve thought ‘Man, I wish I could just point at the parts I need in this drawing and get ‘em sent to me.’ or ‘Man, I wish I could just order the parts I need instead of a whole rebuild kit.’ PPM Racing is developing a new method of using technology in just such a way on their website.

PPM is developing a Tech section of its website that will contain a library of technical content aimed at the Late Model racing world. It will contain several different types of resources, like ‘How-To’ Videos and White Papers on particular set-ups. But Clickable Diagrams or Schematics are one of its more innovative features. In this section are various drawings of exploded view components from the manufacturer. When you “mouse over” the parts in the drawings, a small window will pop up with the name of the particular part you are looking at in it. If that’s the part you need, just click it, add it to your cart and go back for whatever else you need. That’s it.

George, the Web Developer that’s building this section with them at PPM has a made a short demonstration video about the best and fastest ways to use this new platform and it can be seen in the new Tech Resources section of their site: ppmracingproducts.com/tech.

In talking with Rodney Hamby, one of the owners at PPM, he will tell you it’s all about being fast and easy for our race teams. “My family has always been involved in racing and we understand the mindset. But also, this innovation is good for us on this end too. It is so much more accurate to use a drawing than to try and describe a part over the phone. We can be sure we’re sending the exact part they need.”

According to the folks at PPM, there are several new things in development with them in Rockwood. “If all the cakes we got on the griddle right now actually rise, so to speak, it will be an exciting year for everyone.”


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