Live Updates: Southern Nationals at Wythe Raceway(7-15-17)

Facebooktwitter will be providing live updates from the Southern Nationals race from the Wythe Raceway in Rural Retreat, VA for Saturday night, July 15, 2017. Tonight’s updates are being provided by Richard Allen( @RichardAllenIDR on Twitter).

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To follow along, simply scroll down and look under each heading for that particular class. Also, refresh the page frequently as new information will be added often.

Classes in action: Southern Nationals Super Late Models for $10,000-to-win(53 laps).

*Due to my extended travel time, updates will be limited to the Southern Nationals only.

General Information: 

Drivers meeting is set for 6:30.

Weather looks to be hot.

This is the first of 11 races that will make up the Southern Nationals.

7:07- Drivers meeting underway.

8:20- Super Late Model hot laps about to begin.

Photos: I often post pictures on my @RichardAllenIDR Twitter account if you would like to take a look.

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Live Updates:

Southern Nationals Super Late Models

Car Count: 28 cars

Drivers Here: 0F- Farrell Shelton, 1- Vic Hill, 1c- Kenny Collins, 2- Dennis Franklin, 7- Donald McIntosh, 8- Craig Vosbergen, c9- Steve Casebolt, 09- Johnny Pursley, 11B- Stacy Boles, 12- Brian Umberger, 15- Mason Massey, 16- Ben Watkins, 17m- Dale McDowell, 21- Robby Moses, 22- Chris Ferguson, 33- Ben Nicastri, 47- Chris Combs, 49- Jonathan Davenport, 50- Shanon Buckingham, 54- Jason Johnson, Ivedent Lloyd, Jr., 79- Billy Hicks, 83- Jason Walker, 93- Donald Bradsher, 101- Casey Roberts, 116- Brandon Overton, 201- Billy Ogle Jr

Qualifying Results: Cars will be divided into two groups for qualifying. No one will be locked into the feature from qualifying.

Group A Results- 1. Bailes (16.441), 2. McDowell, 3. Vosbergen, 4. Davenport, 5. Combs

Group B Results- 1. Hill(16.393), 2. Ferguson, 3. Overton, 4. Pursley, 5. Lloyd

Heat Race Results: There will be four heat races with everyone transferring to the feature.

10:03- Heat races about to begin.

Heat 1 Finish- 1. Bailes, 2. Vosbergen, 3. Combs, 4. Casebolt, 5. McIntosh, 6. Boles, 7. Nicastri

*Bailes dominated.

Heat 2 Finish- 1. McDowell, 2. Bradsher, 3. Moses, 4. Franklin, 5. Watkins, 6. 11c, 7. Davenport

*After two false starts the front row of McDowell and Davenport were moved back a row. Davenport took the lead from Franklin on lap 5 then blew a tire on lap 6. The blown tire looks to have done more damage underneath the car.

Heat 3 Finish- 1. Overton, 2. Lloyd, 3. Hill, 4. Ogle, 5. Collins, 6. Massey, 7. Shelton

*Overton took the lead on the start and led all the way.

Heat 4 Finish- 1. Ferguson, 2. Buckingham, 3. Hicks, 4. Pursley, 5. Umberger, 6. Walker

*Ferguson dominated.

B-main Results: No need for B-mains.

Feature Notes:

11:02- Feature rolling out. 53 laps for $10,000.

11:09- Driver introductions underway.

Davenport has damage repaired and will start the feature.

11:16- Engines have fired.

11:18- Four wide!

11:20- Green flag!

Lap 11 caution. Ferguson took second from Overton on lap 2 then took the lead from Bailes on lap 8. Ferguson leads Bailes, Overton, McDowell, Lloyd, Vosbergen, Buckingham, Bradsher, Combs, Hill.

Lap 18 caution for Ogle stopped on track. Ferguson still leads. Overton and Bailes have swapped 2nd and 3rd twice with Bailes now second. McDowell, Hill, Lloyd, Buckingham, Davenport follow.

Davenport has come from the tail to 8th in 18 laps.

Big wreck on the lap 18 restart. Started when Collins got turned and collected several cars. Moses, Franklin, Shelton, Bradsher, Nicastri, Massey among those involved.

Lap 20 caution for spin involving Bradsher and Shelton. Ferguson leads Bailes and Overton. Hill took 4th from McDowell and was challenging Overton for 3rd at the time of caution.

Ferguson pulls off track under the lap 20 caution. Bailes now leads Overton, Hill, McDowell, Davenport.

Lap 21 caution as Franklin pulls off track. Bailes leads Overton, Hill, Davenport, McDowell, Buckingham, Casebolt, McIntosh, Vosbergen, Lloyd

Lap 27 caution. McDowell was challenging Overton for second and clipped the inside wall in turn 4 then spun up the track and collected Davenport.

Bailes lost the lead on lap 22 when his car went high in turn 3 and jumped the cushion. Hill now leads Overton, Casebolt, Buckingham, McIntosh, Pursley, Vosbergen. Bailes went in for a tire change under caution.

Lap 31 caution. Hill leads Overton, Casebolt, Buckingham, Pursley, Lloyd, McIntosh, Vosbergen, Davenport

Hill held off a late challenge by Overton. Overton drove hard into the final turn and slid up the track and bounced off the wall. Hill’s rear brake rotors were glowing bright red over the final several laps.

Feature Results: 1. Hill, 2. Overton, 3. Casebolt, 4. Buckingham, 5. Pursley, 6. McIntosh, 7. Davenport

Jonathan Davenport is expected to be among tonight’s entrants


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