Live Updates: Southern All Stars at I-75 Raceway(5-7-22) will be providing live updates from the Southern all-Star Dirt Racing Series-sanctioned $5,000-to-win ‘Mother’s Day Mayhem’ event at I-75 Raceway in Sweetwater, Tennessee on Saturday, May 7, 2022. These updates will be provided by Richard Allen(@RichardAllenIDR on Twitter and @RichardAllenIDR on Instagram).

These updates are brought to you by Smoky Mountain Speedway in Maryville, Tenn. The next race scheduled for SMS will be ‘Mayhem at the Mountain’ event on May 28th featuring the American Pro Late Model Series and Topless Outlaws Late Model Series. Also, be sure to make plans now to attend the $50,000-to-win Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series event on the weekend of June 17-18, 2022.

Weather Forecast: Cloudy with chances for widespread showers with highs in the 60s and lows in the 50s.

Time: Hot laps are scheduled to begin at 7:00pm

Feature Payout: $5,000-to-win

Track Description: 3/8 mile clay oval

Other Classes: 602 Late Models, Sportsman, Classics, FWD

Live Stream:

Pre-race Notes: Matt Dooley currently leads Billy Franklin and Shay Miller in the series standings.

2022 SAS race winners- Chris Madden(Cherokee), Joseph Joiner(Southern), Camaron Marlar(Smoky Mountain)

7:00- Drivers meeting about to begin.

7:25- Hot laps about to begin.

10:05- Got some extended track work going on. Also, the lights in turns three are out.

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Live Updates:

Southern All Stars Late Models

Car Count: 31 cars

Drivers Here: 00- Kelvin White, J0- John Ownbey, 1G- Morris Bice, R1- Riley Hickman, 3- Dakota Smith, 4- Ryan Wilson, c5- David Crabtree, 7G- Craig Greer, 007- Roger Best, 8- David Payne, 9- Jason Croft, 9- Dusty Carver, 9G- Larry Greer, 09- Chris Lewis, c11- Cody Courtney, 17- Billy Franklin, 17- Colton Profitt,  18- Matt Dooley, 21- Robby Moses, 21- Shay Miller, 23- Cory Hedgecock, j27- Jay Scott, 31- Skip Arp, 32- Jason Manley, 47- Tim Rucker, 51- Mack McCarter, 52- Troy Eads, 83- Jensen Ford, 91- Heath Hindman, 109- Eli Beets, 118- Matt Henderson

*Driver list is incomplete and unofficial until after the drivers meeting.

Qualifying Results: There will be two groups for qualifying with the top-5 from each transferring to the feature.

Group A Results- 1. David Crabtree(13.974), 2. Skip Arp, 3. Robby Moses, 4. Heath Hindman, 5. Matt Dooley

Group B Results- 1. Eli Beets(13.942), 2. Mack McCarter, 3. Cory Hedgecock, 4. Jensen Ford, 5. David Payne

Heat Race Results:

B-main Results: There will be two B-main races with the top-6 from each transferring to the feature.

B-main 1 Finish- 1. Matt Hendeson, 2. Colton Proffitt, 3. Jason Croft, 4. Jason Manley, 5. Shay Miller, 6. Dusty Carver

B-main 2 Finish- 1. Jay Scott, 2. Riley Hickman, 3. John Ownbey, 4. Cody Courtney, 5. Ryan Wilson, 6. Morris Bice

Feature Notes:

Feature Lineup- 1. Crabtree, 2. Beets, 3. Arp, 4. McCarter, 5. Moses, 6. Hedgecock, 7. Hindman, 8. Ford, 9. Dooley, 10. Payne, 11. Henderson, 12. Scott, 13. Proffitt, 14. Hickman, 15. Croft, 16. Ownbey, 17. Manley, 18. Courtney, 19. Miller, 20. Wilson, 21. Carver, 22. Bice

11:38- Feature rolling out. 40 laps for $5,000.

11:48- Finishing up some track work.

11:51- Four wide!

Colton Proffitt and Shay Miller have had trouble before the start. Proffitt has made it back to the track.

12:02- Green flag!

Caution before the completion of a lap for Crabtree off the pace.

Crabtree returns to the track but will restart from the tail.

Lap 4 caution for Proffitt. McCarter leads Hedgecock, Moses, Arp, Ford, Hindman, Payne, Beets, Dooley,  Hickman

Laps 6 caution for two cars slow on the track. McCarter leads Hedgecock, Moses, Arp, Ford, Hindman, Payne, Dooley, Henderson, Courtney

Lap 7 caution for Wilson. Hedgecock had just passed McCarter for the lead but it appears as if the lap had not been completed so McCarter is returned to the top spot.

Lap 17 caution for incident involving Moses and Ford racing for third. McCarter and Hedgecock were having a great battle for the lead as they ran several laps side-by-side. McCarter leads Hedgecock, Payne, and Dooley.

Lap 18 caution for Courtney. McCarter leads Hedgecock, Payne, Hindman, Dooley

Hedgecock took the lead away from McCarter on lap 26

Lap 33 caution for tangle between Henderson and Courtney. Hedgecock leads McCarter, Payne, Hindman, Dooley, Hickman, Ownbey, Manley

Once Hedgecock got the lead he was on a rail.

Feature Results: 1. Cory Hedgecock, 2. Mack McCarter, 3. David Payne, 4. Heath Hindman, 5. Riley Hickman, 6. John Ownbey, 7. Matt Dooley, 8. Robby Moses, 9. Jason Croft, 10. Jason Manley, 11. Cody Courtney, 12. Billy Franklin, 13. Craig Greer, 14. Tim Rucker, 15. Matt Henderson, 16. Jensen Ford, 17. Skip Arp, 18. Jay Scott, 19. Eli Beets, 20. Ryan Wilson, 21. Dusty Carver, 22. David Crabtree, 23. Colton Proffitt, 24. Shay Miller

Cory Hedgecock is expected to be among the entrants

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