Live Updates: Southern All Stars and UCRA at Smoky Mountain(6-17-17)

Facebooktwitter will be providing live updates from the Southern All Star Dirt Racing Series and United Crate Racing Alliance races from the Smoky Mountain Speedway in Maryville, TN on Saturday night, June 17, 2017. Tonight’s updates are being provided by Richard Allen( @RichardAllenIDR on Twitter).

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To follow along, simply scroll down and look under each heading for that particular class. Also, refresh the page frequently as new information will be added often.

Classes in action: Southern All Stars Super Late Models for $5,000-to-win, UCRA for $2500-to-win, and Kajun Mini Stocks for $1,000-to-win.

*These updates will primarily focus on the Southern All Stars and UCRA races. Other updates may be limited in favor of obtaining photos and/or stories. 

General Information: Drivers meeting is set to begin at 6:30pm.

Weather is expected to be very warm and dry.

7:20- Drivers meeting has concluded. Hot laps to begin soon.

Photos: I often post pictures on my @RichardAllenIDR Twitter account if you would like to take a look.

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Live Updates:

Southern All Stars

Car Count: 25 cars

Drivers Here: 1g- Ryan King, 4- Tripp Gerrald, 4T- Tommy Kerr, 5- Lamar Winkle, c5- David Crabtree, 7g- Craig Greer, 7m- Donald McIntosh, 11B- Stacy Boles, 11- Eddie King, Jr., 16- Austin Horton, 17- Brad Skinner, 21- Robby Moses, 22- Chris Ferguson, 24- Zach Leonhardi, 24- Phil Helton, 31- Skip Arp, 32- Mark Dodson, 35- Tristan Sealy, 41- TJ Reaid, 50- Shanon Buckingham, 69- Carder Miller, 97- Bobby Giffin, 98- Eric Hickerson, 201- Billy Ogle, Jr., 421- Anthony Sanders

Qualifying Results: Cars will be divided into two groups with the top-5 qualifiers from each will transfer to the feature.

Group A Results- 1. Ferguson (16.008), 2. Reaid, 3. Miller, 4. Buckingham, 5. Horton

Group B Results- 1. McIntosh (15.938), 2. Arp, 3. Giffin, 4. Gerrald, 5. Skinner

Heat Race Results: There will be no heat races due to time constraints. Feature set entirely by qualifying.

Feature Notes:

Feature Lineup- 1. Ferguson, 2. McIntosh, 3. Reaid, 4. Arp, 5. Miller, 6. Giffin, 7. Buckingham, 8. Gerrald, 9. Horton, 10. Skinner, 11. Kerr, 12. Hickerson, 13. Moses, 14. Leonhardi, 15. Ogle, 16. E King, 17. Sanders, 18. R King, 19. Boles, 20. Winkle, 21. Crabtree, 22. Giffin, 23. Greer, 24. Gerrald

11:12- Feature rolling out. 40 laps for $5000.

11:20- Green flag!

Crash on the initial attempt at a start. Winkle appears to be the only car involved. Complete restart.

Lap 2 caution as Giffin slows. Everyone is able to avoid. Ferguson leads McIntosh, Reaid, Arp, Miller, Buckingham, Skinner, Hickerson, Horton, Kerr.

Lap 10 caution for Greer. Ferguson continues to lead McIntosh, Arp, Reaid, Miller, Buckingham, Skinner, Kerr, Hickerson. Traffic was about to make it real interesting.

A thriller as McIntosh took the lead with a slide job on Ferguson in turn four on lap 22. Arp got around Ferguson for second on lap 26 then pursued McIntosh the rest of the way.

It was McIntosh’s first SAS win.

Feature Results: 1. McIntosh, 2. Arp, 3. Ferguson, 4. Reaid, 5. Buckingham, 6. Kerr, 7. Horton, 8. Moses, 9. Hickerson, 10. Ogle, 11. Boles, 12. Sealy, 13. R King, 14. Helton, 15. Sanders, 16. E King, 17. Miller

UCRA Crate Late Models

Car Count: 21 cars

Drivers Here: 0- Greg Martin, 00- Ruben Mayfield, z1- Zach Shannon, 2x- Anthony White, 5j- Jesse Lowe, 10B- Bradley Lewelling, 11- Cruz Skinner, 12- Ashton Winger, 15- Bryson Dennis, 29- Rusty Ballenger, 32- Jason Manley, k37- Drew Kennedy, j39- Jimmy Elliott, R44- Rod Carroll, 44s- Kip Sawyer, 50- Vann Lester, 56- Jordon Horton, 61- Greg Huskey, 98- Jed Emert, 101- Forest Trent, 171- Kyle Courtney

*UCRA points leader Jason Manley experienced mechanical issues during hot laps. It looks as if he will take over the ride initially entered for Greg Martin.

Qualifying Results: No one will be locked into the feature via qualifying.

1. Courtney (16.755), 2. A White, 3. Lowe, 4. Trent, 5. Skinner, 6. Elliott, 7. Carroll, 8. Horton, 9. Winger, 10. Huskey, 11. Manley, 12. Mayfield, 13. Ballenger, 14. Shannon, 15. Lewelling, 16. Kennedy

Heat Race Results: There will be three heat races with everyone transferring to the feature.

Heat 1 Finish- 1. Courtney, 2. Trent, 3. Huskey, 4. Kennedy, 5. Ballenger, 6. Carroll, 7. Emert

Heat 2 Finish- 1. White, 2. Skinner, 3. Horton, 4. Manley, 5. Dennis, 6. Lester

Heat 3 Finish- 1. Lowe, 2. Elliott, 3. Winger, 4. Mayfield, 5. Lewelling, 6. Sawyer

Feature Notes:

Feature Lineup- 1. Courtney, 2. White, 3. Lowe, 4. Trent, 5. Skinner, 6. Elliott, 7. Huskey, 8. Horton, 9. Winger, 10. Kennedy, 11. Manley, 12. Mayfield, 13. Ballenger, 14. Dennis, 15. Lewelling, 16. Carroll, 17. Lester, 18. Sawyer, 19. Emert

11:50- Feature lined up on the front stretch. 40 laps for $2500.

11:53- Green flag!

Lap 2 caution for spin by Horton. White leads Courtney, Trent, Lowe, Elliott, Skinner, Huskey, Mayfield, Kennedy

Courtney smoking heavily under caution.

Caution on the restart as Courtney’s car failed to come up to speed causing a jam up behind him. White now leads Trent, Lowe and Elliott.

Lap 14 caution for spin by Kennedy. White leads Lowe, Trent, Elliott, Skinner, Huskey, Winger. Lowe had tracked White down in traffic and appeared poised to make a bid for the lead.

A thriller as Lowe tracked White down and made a couple of late attempts to pass. They were side-by-side at the finish.

Feature Results: 1. White, 2. Lowe, 3. Trent, 4. Elliott, 5. Skinner, 6. Mayfield, 7. Ballenger, 8. Winger, 9. Manley, 10. Huskey

*There are 28 Kajun Mini-Stocks here tonight.

Micah Gavin wins the Kajun Mini-Stocks feature over Derik Duggan, Shannon Ethridge, Tony Coffman, Dustin Holbrooks.

Tommy Kerr won the last Super Late Model feature at SMS


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