Live Updates: SoNats Bonus Series at Blue Ridge(10-21-17)

Facebooktwitter will be providing live updates from Southern Nationals Bonus Series race from Blue Ridge Motorsports Park in Blue Ridge, GA for Saturday, October 21, 2017. Today’s updates are being provided by Richard Allen( @RichardAllenIDR on Twitter).

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To follow along, simply scroll down and look under each heading for that particular class. Also, refresh the page frequently as new information will be added often.

Classes in action: Super Late Models for $4,000-to-win(40 laps)

*These updates will focus solely on the Southern Nationals Bonus Series race.

**I do have ample cell service here.

General Information: The drivers meeting is slated for 6:00pm with hot laps to follow.

Weather is expected to be warm and clear.

Donald McIntosh leads the current Southern Nationals Bonus Series standings over David Payne, Joey Standridge and Jeff Neubert.

6:30- Drivers meeting has concluded and hot laps are underway.

Photos: I often post pictures on my @RichardAllenIDR Twitter account if you would like to take a look.

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Live Updates:

Southern Nationals Bonus Series Super Late Models

Car Count: 28 cars

Drivers Here: 00- Johnny Chastain, 1- JT Seawright, 1c- Kenny Collins, 3- Jeremy Ledford, 3x- Bo Eaton, 4- Danny Ledford, 7G- Craig Greer, 7m- Donald McIntosh, 8- David Payne, 9- Jason Croft, 13- George Mashburn, x15- Shawn Chastain, 17- Kurt English, 18- Benjy Shaw, 21- Shane Tankersley, 26- Trevor Parker, 29- Gary McPherson, 38- Jamie Oliver, 47- Tim Rucker, 49- Daryl Mathison, 53- Ray Cook, 55- Jim Cochran, 56- Joey Standridge, 81- Aaron Ridley, 86- Jeff Neubert, 99- Seth Wimper, 156- Andy Standridge, 201- Steve Smith

Qualifying Results: Cars will be divided into two qualifying groups with the top-4 from each being locked into the feature.

Group A Results- 1. Cook(14.531), 2. McIntosh, 3. Payne, 4. S Chastain

Group B Results- 1. English (14.522), 2. Collins, 3. Seawright, 4. S Smith

Heat Race Results: There will be two B-mains with the top-6 transferring to the feature.

B-main 1 Finish- 1. Mashburn, 2. McPherson, 3. J Chastain, 4. D Ledford, 5. Neubert, 6. Wimper

*Tight battle among top-3 throughout the race, going three-wide on multiple occasions.

B-main 2 Finish- 1. Oliver, 2. Croft, 3. Cochran, 4. J Ledford, 5. Shaw, 6. Greer

Feature Notes:

Feature Lineup- 1. Cook, 2. English, 3. McIntosh, 4. Collins, 5. Payne, 6. Seawright, 7. S Chastain, 8. S Smith, 9. Mashburn, 10. Oliver, 11. McPherson, 12. Croft, 13. J Chastain, 14. Cochran, 15. D Ledford, 16. J Ledford, 17. Neubert, 18. Shaw, 19. Wimper, 20. Greer

9:36- Feature rolling out. 40 laps for $4,000.

9:44- Four wide!

Oliver drops to the tail on pace lap.

9:48- Green flag!

Lap 1 caution for Cochran. Cook leads English, McIntosh, Collins, Payne, S Chastain, Seawright, Mashburn, Smith.

Lap 17 caution for J Ledford. Great racing as McIntosh took the lead from Cook on lap 6. Cook fought back but McIntosh still leads. English runs third ahead of Payne, S Chastain, Collins, Seawright.

Lap 25 caution for Mashburn stopped on track. McIntosh leads but English and S Chastain got around Cook on the last restart. Seawright, Payne and Collins run 5-7.

Lap 26 caution. Order is now McIntosh, S Chastain, English, Cook, Seawright, Payne, Collins, J Chastain, McPherson, Croft, Mashburn

Two successive attempts to restart on lap 26 have failed due to issues near the tail of the field.

Another caution on the lap 26 restart as second running S Chastain appeared to break a right front wheel. Rucker, Standridge, Wimper, Greer all were collected. Order is now McIntosh, English, Cook, Seawright, Collins.

Feature Results: 1. McIntosh, 2. English, 3. Seawright, 4. Cook, 5. Payne, 6. McPherson, 7. Collins, 8. Wimper, 9. Mashburn, 10. Neubert

David Payne won an Iron-Man Series race at Blue Ridge earlier this year


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