Live Updates: Iron-Man/Ultimate Late Models at Smoky Mountain(3-5-22)

Facebooktwitter will be providing live updates from the Ultimate Super Late Model Series/Valvoline Iron-Man Late Model Series co-sanctioned $12,000-to-win Tennessee Tip-Off event at Smoky Mountain Speedway in Maryville, Tennessee on Saturday, March 5, 2022. These updates will be provided by Richard Allen(@RichardAllenIDR on Twitter and @RichardAllenIDR on Instagram).

These updates are brought to you by Smoky Mountain Speedway in Maryville, Tenn. The next race scheduled for SMS will be dual $5,000-to-win ‘Rockin With the Stars’ features for the Southern All-Stars Dirt Late Model Series and the Steel Block Bandits Late Model Series on April 23rd. Also, be sure to make plans now to attend the $50,000-to-win Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series event on the weekend of June 17-18, 2022.

Weather Forecast: Sunny with daytime highs in the 70’s and nighttime lows in the 50’s.

Time: The drivers meeting is slated for 5:30

Feature Payout: $12,000(60 laps)

Track Description: 4/10 mile clay oval

Other Classes: 604 Late Models and Kajun Mini-Stocks

Live Stream: Check for details

Pre-race Notes: This is the 2022 season opener for Smoky Mountain Speedway.

This race is co-sanctioned by the Ultimate Super Late Model series and the Valvoline Iron-Man Late Model Series.

This is the first race of 2022 for the Ultimate Series.

Sam Seawright won the season Opener for the Iron-Man Series at Boyd’s Speedway(non points race) in February.

5:50- Drivers meeting has concluded. Hot laps to begin soon.

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Live Updates:

Ultimate/Iron-Man Late Models

Car Count:

Drivers Here: 1- Tyler Erb, 002- Tyler Arrington, 3- Austin Neely, 3- Steve Smith, 3D- Dakota Smith, 5- Corey Gordon, 6- Clay Coghlan, 7c- Dillon Crum, 7w- Ricky Weiss, 07- Brian Ledbetter, 8- Shane Bailey, 8- Kyle Strickler, 11B- Stacy Boles, 11K- Austin Kirkpatrick, 15- Christian Hanger, 17m- Dale McDowell, 17- Brett Wyatt, 18- Kyle Courtney, 19m- Wil Herrington, 20- Jimmy Owens, 21- Robby Moses, 22- Chris Ferguson, 31- Skip Arp, 39- Tim McCreadie, 42- Doug Sanders, 49- Jonathan Davenport, 51- Mack McCarter, 56- Michael Asberry, 57- Zack Mitchell, 58- Garrett Alberson, 71- Hudson O’Neal, 76- Brandon Overton, 97- Michael Chilton, 99- Camaron Marlar, 101- Forrest Trent, 109- Eli Beets, 116- Cameron Weaver, 118- Matt Henderson, 157- Mike Marlar, 421- Anthony Sanders

Qualifying Results: Cars will be broken into two groups for qualifying. No one will be locked in.

Group A Results- 1. Matt Henderson(16.632), 2. Jonathan Davenport, 3. Camaron Marlar, 4. Michael Chilton, 5. Ricky Weiss, 6. Wil Herrington, 7. Eli Beets, 8. Dale McDowell, 9. Zack Mitchell, 10. Austin Kirkpatrick

Group B Results- 1. Brandon Overton(16.418), 2. Mike Marlar, 3. Tim McCreadie, 4. Garrett Alberson, 5. Chris Ferguson, 6. Kyle Strickler, 7. Jimmy Owens, 8. Hudson O’Neal, 9. Skip Arp, 10. Tyler Erb

Heat Race Results: There will be four heats with the top-4 from each transferring to the feature.

Heat 1 Finish- 1. Camaron Marlar, 2. Matt Henderson, 3. Ricky Weiss, 4. Eli Beets

Heat 2 Finish- 1. Michael Chilton, 2. Jonathan Davenport, 3. Dale McDowell, 4. Wil Herrington

Heat 3 Finish- 1. Brandon Overton, 2. Tim McCreadie, 3. Chris Ferguson, 4. Jimmy Owens

Heat 4 Finish- 1. Mike Marlar, 2. Kyle Strickler, 3. Garrett Alberson, 4. Hudson O’Neal

B-Main Results: There will be two B-main races with the top-2 from each transferring to the feature.

B-main 1 Finish- 1. Zack Mitchell, 2. Clay Coghlan

B-main 2 Finish- 1. Tyler Erb, 2. Christian Hanger

Feature Notes:

Feature Lineup- 1. C Marlar, 2. Overton, 3. Chilton, 4. Marlar, 5. Henderson, 6. McCreadie, 7. Davenport, 8. Strickler, 9. Weiss, 10. Ferguson, 11. McDowell, 12. Alberson, 13. Beets, 14. Owens, 15. Herrington, 16. O’Neal, 17. Mitchell, 18. Erb, 19. Coghlan, 20. Hanger

9:18- Feature rolling out.

9:29- Field in a missing man formation to honor former track employee and friend Dustin Dunlap who passed away this winter.

9:32- Green flag!

Lap 15- Overton leads McCreadie, M. Marlar, C Marlar, Strickler, Davenport,

Lap 20- Overton pulling away from McCreadie, M Marlar, Strickler, Davenport

Halfway- Overton leads but McCreadie and M Marlar are close. Strickler and Davenport are 4th and 5th.

20 to go- 1. Overton, 2. McCreadie, 3. M Marlar, 4. Strickler, 5. Davenport, 6. Ferguson, 7. Owens, 8. McDowell, 9. C Marlar, 10. O’Neal

Lap 50- Overton leads McCreadie, M Marlar, Strickler, Davenport

Lap 51 Caution for debris. Overton leads McCreadie, M Marlar, Strickler, Davenport, Ferguson, Owens, McDowell, C Marlar and O’Neal … Owens pulled off.

Feature Results: 1. Brandon Overton, 2. M Marlar, 3. McCreadie, 4. Davenport, 5. Strickler, 6. McDowell, 7. O’Neal, 8. Ferguson, 9. C Marlar, 10. Herrington, 11. Erb, 12. Beets

Jonathan Davenport will be among those racing for a win


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