Live Updates: Iron-Man Late Models at Ponderosa(8-6-21)

Facebooktwitter will be providing live updates from the $10,000-to-win Valvoline Iron-Man Late Model Series-sanctioned Pete Abel Memorial event at Ponderosa Speedway in Junction City, Kentucky on Friday, August 6, 2021. The updates will be provided by Richard Allen(@RichardAllenIDR on Twitter and @RichardAllenIDR on Instagram).

These updates are brought to you by Smoky Mountain Speedway in Maryville, Tenn. The next event will be the Smoky Mountain Summer Showdown featuring the American Pro Late Model All Star Series in a $10,000-to-win feature race on Saturday, August 7, 2021.

General Information:

Weather Forecast: Daytime high in the 80s with nighttime lows dropping into the 60s with little to no chance for rain.

Drivers Meeting: 7:00pm

Feature Payout: $10,000-to-win. 50 laps

Track Description: 3/8 mile clay oval with banked turns.

Other Classes: Crate Late Model, Modified, Super Stocks, Hobby Stocks

Pre-race Notes: This event will combine the Valvoline Iron-Man Late Series North & the Valvoline Late Model Series South.

Dustin Nobbe currently leads the points of the Northern division while Jensen Ford currently leads the points for the Southern division.

It rained here earlier so it may take a bit of extra track prep.

7:00- Drivers meeting underway.

7:35- Hot laps for all classes about to begin.

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Live Updates:

Iron-Man Late Models

Car Count: 24 cars

Drivers Here: 1- Tyler Erb, 1G- Devin Gilpin, 1v- Vic Hill, 5N- Dustin Nobbe, 6- Jason Jameson, D8- Dustin Linville, 9N- Ted Nobbe, 11- Spencer Hughes, 11- Jared Hawkins, 21- Rod Carter Jr., 13w- David Webb, 14- Steve Godsey, 15- Jeff Rawlings, 16- Justin Ratliff, 17- Zack Dohm, 20- Tristan Chamberlain, 20RT- Ricky Thornton Jr., 29- Darrell Lanigan, 47- Chris Combs, 71- Hudson O’Neal, 83- Jensen Ford, 83- Scott James, 97- Michael Chilton, 157- Mike Marlar

Qualifying Results: Drivers will be divided into two groups for qualifying.

Group A Results- 1. O’Neal (12.784), 2. Hughes, 3. Dohm, 4. Gilpin, 5. Jameson

Group B Results- 1. Ford(12.757), 2. Thornton, 3. Marlar, 4. Hawkins, 5. Linville

Heat Race Results: There will be four heats with the top-4 from each transferring to the feature.

Heat 1 Lineup- 1. O’Neal, 2. Dohm, 3. Jameson, 4. Chamberlain, 5. Ratliff, 6. Combs

Heat 1 Finish- 1. O’Neal, 2. Dohm, 3. Jameson, 4. Ratliff … Chamberlain, Combs

Heat 2 Lineup- 1. Hughes, 2. Gilpin, 3. Carter, 4. Chilton, 5. James, 6. Rawlings

Heat 2 Finish- 1. Hughes, 2. Chilton, 3. Gilpin, 4. James … Carter, Rawlings

Heat 3 Lineup- 1. Ford, 2. Marlar, 3. Linville, 4. Lanigan, 5. Hill, 6. Godsey

***A bit of a holdup for a medical emergency in the grandstands but it appears as if everything is ok.

Heat 3 Finish- 1. Marlar, 2. Linville, 3. Lanigan, 4. Ford … Hill, Godsey

Heat 4 Lineup- 1. Thornton, 2. Hawkins, 3. T Erb, 4. D Nobbe, 5. Webb, 6. T Nobbe

Heat 4 Finish- 1. T Erb, 2. Webb, 3. Hawkins, 4. D Nobbe … Thornton, T Nobbe

***Thornton had a flat tire on lap 6 while leading.

B-main Results: There will be one B-main with the top-4 transferring to the feature.

B-main Finish- 1. Chamberlain, 2. Carter, 3. Thornton, 4. Hill

Feature Notes:

Feature Lineup- 1. O’Neal, 2. Marlar, 3. Hughes, 4. Erb, 5. Dohm, 6. Linville, 7. Chilton, 8. Webb, 9. Jameson, 10. Lanigan, 11. Gilpin, 12. Hawkins, 13. Ratliff, 14. Ford, 15. James, 16. D Nobbe, 17. Chamberlain, 18. Carter, 19. Thornton, 20. Hill, 21. T Nobbe, 22. Combs

11:09- Feature rolling out. 50 laps for $10,000.

11:14- Green flag!

Lap 15- Caution free so far. O’Neal leads Erb, Marlar, Hughes, Chilton in traffic.

Lap 25 caution. Crew members are being allowed to bring their drivers more tear offs or another helmet due to the heavy track. Several drivers had requested this before the start of the feature.

O’Neal leads Erb but Erb had attempted a pass just before the caution. Marlar, Hughes, Chilton, Dohm, Lanigan, Jameson, Hawkins and Ratliff round out the top-10.

Erb has pulled off the track to the attention of his crew during this caution. He will restart from the tail.

A bank of lights in turns one and two just went out.

11:47- Lights are back on and we’re about to go back to green.

Lap 29 caution for spin by Thornton and Ratliff. Marlar made a bold move on O’Neal to take the lead on lap 27. Hughes, Chilton, Jameson, Dohm, Lanigan, Hawkins, Erb and Ratliff round out the top-10.

Lap 37 caution as third-running Hughes stopped on track. Marlar leads O’Neal, Jameson, Dohm, Chilton, Erb.

Feature Results: 1. Marlar, 2. O’Neal, 3. Jameson, 4. Dohm, 5. Chilton, 6. Erb, 7. James, 8. Lanigan, 9. Hawkins, 10. Ratliff

Michael Chilton is expected to race at Ponderosa


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