Live Updates: Iron-Man Hangover at 411 Motor Speedway(12-30-17)

Facebooktwitter will be providing live updates for the Iron-Man Series sanctioned Hangover from 411 Motor Speedway in Seymour, TN on Saturday afternoon, December 30, 2017. These updates are being provided by Richard Allen @RichardAllenIDR on Twitter).

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To follow along, simply scroll down and look under each heading for that particular class. Also, refresh the page frequently as new information will be added often.

Classes in action: Iron-Man Series Super Late Models for $4,000-to-win, Brucebilt Modifieds for $1,200-to-win, Crate Late Models for $1,500 along with Sportsman, Modified Street and Mod Lites.

General Information: Drivers meeting is scheduled for 11:45am with racing action to follow soon afterward.

Weather is expected to be clear and cold.

This event was originally scheduled for January 1st but was moved up due to the weather forecast.

11:40- First call made for the drivers meeting.

12:08- Hot laps about to begin.

Photos: I often post pictures on my @RichardAllenIDR Twitter account if you would like to take a look.

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Live Updates:

Iron-Man Super Late Models

Car Count: 29 cars

Drivers Here: 00- Ruben Mayfield, 1- Tim Damron, 1G- Ryan King, 3- Steve Smith, 3x- Bo Eaton, 5- Stephen Breeding, B5- John Barrett, 5n- Dustin Nobbe, 7- Donald McIntosh, 7G- Travis Greer, 07- Jason Cardwell, J8- Jadon Frame, 9- Cory Hedgecock, 18- Benjy Shaw, 21- Kenny Collins, 22- Will Roland, 24- Zach Leonhardi, 24H- Phil Helton, 25- Eric Webber, 29- Jason Welshan, 30- Tyler Bare, 56- Joey Standridge, 61- Caleb Ashby, 69- Carder Miller, 81- Aaron Ridley, 101- Casey Roberts, 102- Clayton Turner, 144- Chicky Barton, 201- Billy Ogle Jr.

Qualifying Results: The field will be divided into two groups with the top-2 from each group locked into the feature.

Group A Results- 1. Hedgecock (13.052), 2. McIntosh… Bare, Frame, Barton

Group B Results- 1. Roland (13.136), 2. Roberts… Nobbe, Miller, King

Heat Race Results: There will be four heat races with the top-4 from each transferring to the feature.

Heat 1 Finish- 1. Bare, 2. Barton, 3. Cardwell, 4. Breeding

*An incident coming to the green flag collected Barton, Cardwell and Leonhardi but all were able to continue. Bare dominated to win by more than a straightaway.

Heat 2 Finish- 1. Ogle, 2. Frame, 3. Welshan, 4. Ridley

*Damron crashed into the turn 4 wall on the opening lap. Ogle passed Frame for the lead on lap 8.

Heat 3 Finish- 1. King, 2. Nabbe, 3. Smith, 4. Standridge

*King led all the way.

Heat 4 Finish- 1. Collins, 2. Miller, 3. Barrett, 4. Webber

Despite being pressured all the way, Collins held on for the win.

B-Main Results:

Feature Notes:

Feature Lineup- 1. Hedgecock, 2. Roland, 3. McIntosh, 4. Roberts, 5. Bare, 6. King, 7. Ogle, 8. Collins, 9. Barton, 10. Nabbe, 11. Frame, 12. Cardwell, 13. Miller, 14. Smith, 15. Welshan, 16. Barrett, 17. Breeding, 18. Standridge, 19. Ridley, 20. Webber, 21. Greer, 22. Leonhardi

4:21- Feature rolling out.

4:28- Green flag!

Lap 1 caution for spin by Barton. Hedgecock leads McIntosh, Roland, Bare, Roberts, King, Collins, Nabbe, Frame

Lap 4 caution for spin by Frame. Hedgecock leads McIntosh, Bare, Roberts, Roland, King, Nabbe, Collins, Smith, Cardwell.

Lap 8 caution for Miller putting fluid on the track. Hedgecock leads McIntosh, Roberts, Bare, Roland, King, Nabbe, Collins

Great race! McIntosh took the lead on lap 17 with a three-wide pass of Hedgecock as the raced in traffic. Roberts closed on McIntosh on lap 30 but there was contact as they raced side-by-side almost causing Roberts to spin.

Feature Results: 1. McIntosh, 2. Hedgecock, 3. Roberts, 4. Bare, 5. Roland, 6. King, 7. Collins, 8. Ridley, 9. Ogle, 10. Frame, 11. Nabbe, 12. Cardwell


Car Count: 15 cars

Qualifying Results: Time-trials will set the starting lineup for the feature.

1. Lucas Lee(14.824), 2. Billy Palmer, 3. Christian Thomas, 4. Wayne James, 5. Ernie Vance, 6. Shon Flanery, 7. Austin Francis, 8. Chase King, 9. Amos Bunch, 10. Jimmy Lennex, 11. Clayton Miller, 12. Steve Clark, 13. Robbie Comer, 14. Erny Gingrich, 15. Josh Brock

Heat Race Results:

Feature Results: 1. Lucas Lee, 2. Christian Thomas, 3. Ernie Vance, 4. Chase King, 5. Amos Bunch, 6. Austin Francis, 7. Wayne James, 8. Clayton Miller, 9. Erny Gingrich, 10. Josh Brock

*Lee led all the way but there was good racing behind him.

Crate Late Models

Car Count: 22 cars

Qualifying Results: Time-trials will set the starting lineup for the feature.

1. Chase King (14.330), 2. Chip Brindle, 3. Anthony White, 4. Logan Roberson, 5. Chase Walls, 6. Ray Cook, 7. Trevor Sise, 8. Forrest Trent, 9. Andy Ogle, 10. Jerry Green, 11. Josh Henry, 12. Jimmy Elliott, 13. Ronnie Higgins, 14. Josh Walker, 15. Rusty Ballenger, 16. Jim Couch

Heat Race Results:

Feature Results: 1. King, 2. Brindle, 3. Roberson, 4. Cook, 5. Ogle, 6. Sise, 7. Trent, 8. Walls, 9. Elliott, 10. Higgins

*Great race as King had to fight off Brindle virtually all the way. It was the first time in 2017 that King had raced a Crate Late Model.

Jackie Boggs won the Leftover at 411 in November


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