Live Updates from the Sweetheart 52 at 411 Motor Speedway


We will be providing live updates from the Sweetheart 52 at the 411 Motor Speedway in Seymour, TN on Saturday afternoon February 22, 2014.

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Time: Drivers meeting is set for 12:45 with hot laps to follow soon afterward.

Classes in action: Limited Late Models($2052-to-win), Sportsman, Thunder & Lightning, Street Stock, Mini Stock.

Weather: The forecast calls for clear skies with a high in the lower 60s.

General Information: This race was originally scheduled for the weekend after Valentine’s Day which is where the ‘Sweetheart’ in the name comes from. The ’52’ in the race distance and at the end of the Late Model purse was added as a tribute to the late Scott Sexton.

1:00- Drivers meeting has concluded and cars are coming onto the track.

2:00- All hot laps are over. No major incidents.

2:25- Ronnie Johnson just arrived, after qualifying has ended. Will start at back of one of the heat races.

Late Models: Drivers here- Walker Arthur, Mark Sturgil, Josh Henry, Jason Manley, Danny French, Josh Driskill, Rusty Ballenger, Mack McCarter, William Overby, Layne Clifton, Ross White, Brad Seagle, Levi Hicks, Ruben Mayfield, Rick Hixson, Ryan King, Brian Smith, Michael Barnett, Wayne Rader, Josh Evans, Cory Hedgecock, Lynn Burchfield.(22 cars)

2:00- Qualifying about to begin. Top-2 will be locked in while everyone else will heat race.

Top-2 Late Model qualifiers were Ryan King(14.495) and Cory Hedgecock(14.557).

Walker Arthur and Rick Hixson will start from the pole in the two heat races.

2:53- Heats about to begin. Everyone will make the feature.

Heat 1 finish- Hixson, Ballenger, Mayfield, Hernandez, Driskill, Seagle, Hicks, Johnson.

Heat 2 finish- Henry, Arthur, Manley, White, McCarter, Clifton.

5:35- Feature lining up on front stretch.

5:40- Green flag!

Lap 9- Caution for spin. Hedgecock leads King, Hixson, Henry and Arthur.

On lap 9 restart Henry spins and collects Manley and Mayfield. Looks like all will continue.

Manley goes to pits.

Lap 11 caution for spin. Hedgecock continues to lead over Hixson, Ballenger, King, Arthur, McCarter, White, Hernandez, Mayfield, Seagle and Johnson.

Lap 12 caution- Contact between King and McCarter sends McCarter around.

Halfway – Hedgecock in traffic leads Hixson, Arthur, Ballenger, King.

Lap 31 caution for Henry. Hixson had been pressuring Hedgecock for the lead in traffic. Arthur is 3rd ahead of Ballenger, King, White, Hernandez and Johnson.

10 to go- Hedgecock pulling away from Hixson and Arthur.

Feature finish- Cory Hedgecock wins over Rick Hixson, Walker Arthur, Rusty Ballenger, Tod Hernandez, Ryan King, Ronnie Johnson, Mack McCarter, Ross White and Jason Manley.

Sportsman: Drivers here- Justin Beeler, Austin Atkins, Cody Brake, Brian Carey, Shane Taylor, Rex Coffey, Josh Beal, Heath Alvey, Jimmy York, James Colt, Colt Deverell, Brian Hooks, Kailee Horseley(13 cars)

3:25- Heat about to begin.

Kip Sawyer wins heat 1.

Jimmy York wins heat 2.

5:05- Feature rolling on track.(20 laps)

5:08- Green flag!

Lap 7- Several cautions so far. Alvey leads Sawyer and York.

Halfway- Alvey leads Rader, Carey, York and Sawyer.

Feature finish- Heath Alvey wins over Wayne Rader, Kip Sawyer, Jimmy York and Ryan Carey.

Race cut to 15 laps due to time limit.

Thunder & Lightning: Drivers here- Dale Watson, Robby Greene, Robbie Comer, Jonathan Sims, Tony Wilson, Chad McLemore ( 7 cars).

2:25- T&L heat about to begin.

Heat finish- Brooks, Sims and Justin Winters.

4:45- Green flag!

Caution immediately as Watson and Wilson get together in turn 2. Safety crew tending to Watson but he is apparently OK.

Halfway- Brooks leads Comer and Winters.

Feature finish- Booger Brooks, Robbie Comer, Robby Greene and Justin Winters.

Street Stock: Drivers here- David Price, Austin Byrd, Jeff McLemore, Greg Humphrey, Charlie Bates, Scott Atkins, Jerry Hux, Corey Summer, Eric Webber, Lynn Phillips, Michael Boyd(11 cars).

2:40- Heat race starting.

Heat 1 finish- Shannon Emery, Hux, McLemore.

Heat 2 finish- Lynn Phillips, Humphrey and Summer.

4:30- Feature lined up on front stretch.

4:32- Green flag!

Halfway- Caution free so far. Emery leads a tight race over Phillips and Hux.

Feature finish- Shannon Emery wins over Lynn Phillips, Charlie Bates, Michael Boyd and Eric Webber.

Race ran caution free. Emery pulled away in second half of race. Hux was 3rd but suffered mechanical trouble at the white flag.

Mini Stock: Drivers here- Sam Burgess, Aaron Hayes, Nick Perry, Danny Tate, Michael Courtney, Robert Burris, Josh Spears, Cody Fox, John Tate, Sam Peak, James Graybeal, John Byers, Paul Dunlap, Jr., Jeremy Hicks, Derick Duggan, Dan Duggan(16 cars)

3:10- Heat races beginning.

Michael Courtney wins heat 1.

Mike Townsend wins heat 2.

Feature will begin at 4:00(20 laps).

4:10- Green flag!

Lap 7- Courtney leads McNabb and Townsend.

Halfway- Courtney leads McNabb, Dugan and Townsend.

Feature finish- Michael Courtney, Rocky McNabb, Mike Townsend, Dan Dugan and Robert Burris.

Top-3 finishers being inspected in the infield.

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