Live Updates from the Spring Nationals at Smoky Mountain Speedway(4-5-14)



We will be providing live updates from the Spring Nationals race as well as support classes from the Smoky Mountain Speedway in Maryville, TN for Saturday night, April 5, 2014.

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To follow along, simply scroll down and look under each heading for that particular class. Also, refresh the page frequently as new information will be added often.

Classes in action: 

Super Late Models- $6,000-to-win

American Modified Series- $3,000-to-win

Limited Late Models- $1,000-to-win


Drivers meeting is tentatively scheduled for 7:00pm with hot laps to follow.


Weather is perfect today with partly cloudy skies and cool temperatures.


I often post pictures on my @RichardAllenIDR Twitter account if you would like to take a look.

General Information:

This will be the third race in the Spring Nationals Series. Jimmy Owens and Chris Madden each won earlier races at the Volunteer Speedway. Madden leads the series standings over Scott Bloomquist, Eric Wells, Mike Marlar and Casey Roberts.

Order of events:

Qualifying- SLM(2 laps locking in top-8), American Mods(2 laps), Limited LM(2 laps locking in top-18)

Heat races- AMS – 8 laps, SLM ( 10 laps), AMS B-Mains(10 laps).

Features- AMS(35 laps), SLM (50 laps), LLM (25 laps).

Live Updates:

Super Late Models

Drivers here- 30 cars

44- Chris Madden, 31-Skip Arp, J12-Jeff Franklin, 157-Mike Marlar, 11B-Stacy Boles, 11S-Austin Smith, M31-Tony Morris, 28-Jeff Wolfenbarger, 4T-Tommy Kerr, 52D-Mark Douglas, 201-Billy Ogle, Jr., 97-Michael Chilton, 1C-Kenny Collins, 101-Casey Roberts, 33T-Tom Maddox, 18E- Eric Wells, 1H-Vic Hill, 20-Ray McElhiney, 10-Chad Ogle, 10W-Chris Wilson, 8-Chris Chandler, 1G-Chris Ferguson, 7-Donald McIntosh, 7M-Robby Moses, 34-Ellery Leake, 4L-Victor Lee, R1-Riley Hickman, 8P-David Payne, 98B-Casey Barrow, 4-Mark Vineyard

6:30- Cars rolling out for hot laps.

Mark Vineyard had a wild crash in hot laps that involved as many as 3 or 4 flips. He is OK but car was badly damaged. Check my Twitter link above for photos.

8:15- Qualifying rolling out.

Top-8 qualifiers locked in: 1. Chris Madden(15.553), 2. Vic Hill, 3. Billy Ogle, Jr., 4. Casey Roberts, 5. Mark Marlar, 6. Riley Hickman, 7. Stacy Boles, 8. Austin Smith.

9:05- Heats about to roll out. Top-4 will transfer.

As fast qualifier in LLM, Cory Hedgecock was given option to enter the SLM race. He chose to do so.

Heat 1 finish- C Ogle, Wells, Payne, Lee.

Heat 2 finish- McIntosh, Chilton, Hedgecock, Ferguson.

Heat 3 finish- Arp, Kerr, Douglas, Wilson.

10:40- Feature rolling on track.

10:50- Green flag!

Lap 5 caution for stalled car of Wilson. C Ogle also pulls off. Madden leads. B Ogle got around Hill at the start for 2nd. Marlar is 4th with Boles in 5th.

Lap 17 caution as Madden backs into turn one wall. Red flag out. Safety crews checking on Madden.

Madden appears to be OK. Possible contact with a slower car. Ogle now leads Hill and Marlar.

Caution just after the restart for spin by Kerr. Marlar had gotten around Hill for 2nd but had to give it back.

Halfway- Ogle stretching his lead over Hill and Marlar.

Lap 35 caution. Ogle had held a comfortable lead over Hill, Marlar, Arp, Boles, Hickman.

Finish- Billy Ogle, Jr. collects $6000 for the win over Hill, Arp, Marlar, Boles, Hickman, Smith, McIntosh, Wells, Chilton and Kerr.

American Modified Series

Drivers here- 25 cars

51-Brandon Green, 50-Amos Bunch, 18-Matt Cooper, 2-Nick Hoffman, 07-Tony Spoon, 15-Clayton Miller, 25-Tyler Nicely, K1-Jimmy Payne, 2-Jimmy Dalton, 1S-Brian Shaw, 10-Bryan Barber, 12-Lucas Lee, 14-Victor Lee, 1S-Keith Smith, 45-Nick Stroupe, 46-Ricky Weekly, 4-Tyler James, 21-Taylor Cook, X-Roy Bruce, Jr., 357-Cameron Marlar, 10Y-Trent Young, T92-Ricky Tinch, 15-Jeff Hamby, Jr., 36-Billy Palmer, 8-Kyle Strickler

7:05- Hot laps underway.

7:45- Qualifying about to begin.

Top-6 qualifiers were: 1. Bryan Barber(17.683), 2. Jimmy Payne, 3. Kyle Strickler, 4. Trent Young, 5. Nick Hoffman, 6. Brian Shaw

8:40- Heats about to go. No one was locked in via qualifying. Top-4 transfer to feature.

Heat 1 finish- Hoffman, Barber, Miller, Lucas Lee.

Heat 2 finish- Shaw, Payne, Cooper, Green.

Heat 3 finish- Strickler, Hamby, Victor Lee, Bruce.

Heat 4 finish- Young, Cook, Smith, Stroupe

9:25- B-main rolling on to the track. Top-4 transfer.

B-main finish- Nicely, Weekly, Hoffman, Bunch.

10:05- Feature lining up.

Lap 1 caution for Payne. Strickler leads Hoffman, Shaw and Young.

Lap 3 caution for 2nd running Hoffman, who stopped on track but now returns. 4th place Young also goes to the pit area. He’s out.

Lap 4 caution for a spin. Shaw took lead on last restart.

Lap 10 caution for couple of cars with trouble. Strickler leads Shaw, Cooper and Barber.

Lap 18 caution for the smoking car of Hamby. Strickler leads but Cooper is applying the pressure.

Lap 24 caution for spin by Stroupe. Victor Lee sent to the tail for causing the spin. Strickler leads.

Finish- Kyle Strickler picks up $3000 for the win ahead of Cooper, Barber, Hoffman and Shaw.

Limited Late Models

Drivers here- 7 cars

35-Tony Martin, 16-Kevin Gill, 14-Weston Gantte, 2-Mitchell Childress, 23- Cory Hedgecock, B2- Butch Bayless, 9- Brett Ashley.

7:35- Qualifying about to roll out.

Cory Hedgecock sets fast time with a lap of 16.555 seconds. Will set rest of the field when it becomes available.

Cory Hedgecock dominates the feature to win over Martin, Gantte, Bayless and Gill.



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