Live Updates from the Southern Nationals at Tazewell(8-2-14)



We will be providing live updates from the Southern Nationals race and the support classes from the Tazewell Speedway in Tazewell, TN for Saturday night, August 2, 2014. Tonight’s updates are being provided by Richard Allen( @RichardAllenIDR on Twitter).

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To follow along, simply scroll down and look under each heading for that particular class. Also, refresh the page frequently as new information will be added often.

Classes in action: 

Southern Nationals Super Late Models for $5,300-to-win(53 laps).


Pure Street

Four Cylinders



Drivers meeting is slated for 7:30 with cars scheduled to hit the track shortly thereafter.

Drivers meeting has been moved up to 7:15.


Weather forecast calls for daytime temperatures in the 80s with a chance for isolated showers.

General Information:

This is the last of ten races in the Ray Cook promoted Schaeffer’s Oil Southern Nationals presented by Old Man’s Garage.

Chris Madden leads the Southern Nationals standings coming into this race over Eric Jacobsen, Billy Ogle, Jr., Vic Hill and Donald McIntosh.

Madden is a four-time Southern Nationals champion and he added another win to his all time series leading total last night at Smoky Mountain.

A brief shower passed over at about 6:40. All is clear now.

8:10- Cars out rolling the track in.

8:25- Track prep still ongoing because of the rain shower that moved through earlier.

8:35- Track appears to be ready. Hot laps about to begin.

9:20- All hot laps are over.

As was the case last night at Smoky Mountain, drivers circulated through the crowd to collect money in support of the Mark Leach family.


I often post pictures on my @RichardAllenIDR Twitter account if you would like to take a look.

Live Updates:

*Note: Live updates for some classes can be impacted by several factors including availability of driver lineups, promptness of the program and distance away from my home.

Super Late Models

Drivers here- 25 cars

Group 1

3x- Bo Eaton, 23- Cory Hedgecock, 57- Zack Mitchell, 8- Craig Vosbergen, 16n- Brad Neat, 44c- Josh Collins, 16- Justin Ratliff, 17s- Brian Shockley, 25- Bobby Mays, 7- Donald McIntosh, 157- Mike Marlar, 10- Chad Ogle, 11s- Austin Smith.

Group 2

11- Anthony Arnwine, 5- Eric Jacobsen, 56j- Jody Horton, 14t- Terry Wolfenbarger, 5x- Bryan Hendrix, 1- Anthony Burroughs, 44m- Chris Madden, 7w- Ross White, 11b- Stacy Boles, 201- Billy Ogle, Jr., 45- Doug Smith, 1h- Vic Hill.

The Southern Nationals break the field into two groups for qualifying with the top-2 from each group going to a dash race that will set the first two rows in the feature. Everyone else goes to the B-Mains.

Chris Madden was fastest in hot laps with an 11.286 second lap.

9:20- Qualifying about to begin.

Qualifying Results:

Group 1- 1. Neat(10.976), 2. C Ogle(11.332).

Group 2- 1. Madden(11.091), 2. Jacobsen(11.141)

10:20- Dash race set to begin.

Dash results: 1. Madden, 2. C Ogle, 3. Neat, 4. Jacobsen

Jacobsen was running 2nd in the dash but spun on the final lap.

10:30- B-mains about begin. Top-8 from each transfer to the feature.

B-main 1 finish: 1. Ratliff, 2. Marlar, 3. Mitchell, 4. McIntosh, 5. Mays, 6. Vosbergen, 7. Hedgecock, 8. Collins

Austin Smith led the first 8 laps but suffered a flat left rear tire. He and Marlar had made contact earlier while racing for the lead among slower traffic.

B-main 2 finish: 1. Hill, 2. Boles, 3. Wolfenbarger, 4. B Ogle, 5. Hendrix, 6. Burroughs, 7. Arnwine, 8. D Smith.

11:20- Feature rolling out.

11:28- Four wide!

11:30- Green flag!

Crash in turn one on initial start. Arnwine, Burroughs, A Smith and D Smith among those involved.

Lap 8 caution for Eaton. Madden leads with C Ogle hounding him. Jacobsen, Neat and Hill follow. Marlar pulled off early.

Lap 11 caution for A Smith. Madden still leads with C Ogle right in his tracks. Boles to the hot pit with a flat. Vosbergen also has a flat and goes to the hot pit.

Lap 23 caution as Madden suffers flat left rear. C Ogle pulled off track earlier. Neat now leads Jacobsen, Hill, Ratliff, B Ogle, Hendrix, McIntosh, Hedgecock.

Lap 29 caution as wheel comes off Vosbergen car. He hit the wall in turn two. Safety being called to the car. Vosbergen is out of the car. He appears to be shaken up but is walking under his own power.

Neat leads and had built a 10 car lead over Jacobsen. Madden is charging through the field and is already back up to 6th.

Lap 35 caution for spin by Hendrix. Jacobsen took the lead on the last restart. Neat, Hill, Ratliff, B Ogle and Madden follow.

Lap 37 caution for flat on Ratliff. Several cars involved as the 16 slowed. Madden received damage as did Hedgecock. Both of those cars are off track. There has been some damage to the fence in turn one.

Jacobsen leads Neat and Hill.

Lap 47 caution as 2nd running Neat slams the turn two wall and almost rolls over. He appears to be ok. He was pressuring Jacobsen hard for the lead. Unbelievably the car fired and he is driving away.

Jacobsen leads Hill, B Ogle, Boles and Hendrix. Neat now retires leaving only five cars on track.

Lap 50 caution. B Ogle was under Hill challenging for 2nd when a wheel broke off and Boles was collected. Jacobsen still leads Hill and Hendrix.

Now Hill pulls in with a flat.

Feature finish: 1. Jacobsen, 2. Hendrix, 3. Boles, 4. Hill

That was one crazy race.

The 201 crew reports that an axle came out of Vic Hill’s car and when Billy Ogle swerved to miss the debris his wheel broke.

Chris Madden nails down his fifth Southern Nationals championship.


Car Count: 13 cars

Qualifying Results: 1. Clyde Overholt(12.295), 2. Josh Fields, 3. Anthony Burchett, 4. Steve Carr, 5. Jordon Horton

Feature Results: 1. Josh Fields, 2. Clyde Overholt, 3. Steve Carr, 4. Jordon Horton, 5. Steve Smith.

Pure Street

Car Count: 5 cars

Feature Results:

Four Cylinders

Car Count: 9 cars

Qualifying Results: 1. Kurt Owens, 2. Chuck McMahan, 3. Randy Dyke, 4. Brad Pressley.

Feature Results: 1. Chuck McMahan, 2. Randy Dyke, 3. Brad Pressley, 4. Bubby Braden, 5. Jeromy Collins.


Car Count: 9 cars

Qualifying Results: 1. Logan Dukes (14.551), 2. Cameron Skinner, 3. Josh Chesney, 4. Richie Overholser

Feature Results: 1. Logan Dukes, 2. Josh Chesney, 3. Richie Overholser, 4. Eli Keck, 5. Chris Evans.


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