Live Updates from the Southern All Stars Scott Sexton Memorial at Volunteer


We will be providing live updates from the Southern All Stars Super Late Models race as well as the support classes from the Volunteer Speedway in Bulls Gap, TN for Saturday night, June 14, 2014. Tonight’s updates are being provided by Richard Allen( @RichardAllenIDR on Twitter).

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To follow along, simply scroll down and look under each heading for that particular class. Also, refresh the page frequently as new information will be added often.

Classes in action: 

Southern All Stars Super Late Models for $5,200-to-win.

Limited Late Models for $2,000-to-win.

Crate Late Models

Modified Hobby


Drivers meeting is set for 7:00 with cars to hit the track shortly thereafter.


Weather is expected to be warm with little to no chance of rain.

General Information:

This race is billed as the ‘Scott Sexton Memorial’ in honor of the east Tennessee great who passed away some time ago.

7:15- Drivers meeting about to start.

7:35- Calling cars to the track to get the racing surface ready.

7:50- Crate Late Models are hot lapping now.

Feature order:

Crate Late Models- 30 laps

SAS Super Late Models- 52 laps

Steelhead Late Models- 35 laps

Modified Hobby- 25 laps


I often post pictures on my @RichardAllenIDR Twitter account if you would like to take a look.

Live Updates:

Super Late Models

Drivers Here: 21 cars

Group 1: 212- Josh Putnam, 257- Skylar Marlar, 2- Randle Chupp, 81- Aaron Ridley, 52d- Mark Douglas, 5- Bryan Hendrix, 77- Dylan Ames, R1- Riley Hickman, 97- Michael Chilton, 0- Jeff Maupin, 16n- Brad Neat.

Group 2: T1- Todd Morrow, 25- Bobby Mays, 1- Vic Hill, 4T- Tommy Kerr, 10- Chris Wilson, 11B- Stacy Boles, 201- Billy Ogle, Jr., 16- Tim Tungate, 34- Ellery Leake, 29- Jason Welshan.

The top-4 in qualifying from each group will be locked into their spots for the feature. Everyone else will heat race.

8:00- Supers going out for hot laps.

Qualifying Results for Group 1: 1. Brad Neat(12.425), 2. Chupp, 3. Ridley, 4. Hickman. They will start 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th in the feature.

Qualifying Results for Group 2: 1. Jason Welshan(12.440), 2. Boles, 3. Hill, 4. Ogle. They will start 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th in the feature.

B-main 1 Results: 1. Douglas, 2. Putnam, 3. Chilton, 4. Marlar, 5. Hendrix, 6. Ames, 7. Maupin.

They will start in the odd numbered positions of rows 6-11.

B-main 2 Results: 1. Morrow, 2. Kerr, 3. Tungate, 4. Wilson, 5. Leake, 6. Mays.

They will start in the even numbered positions of rows 6-11.

10:35- SAS feature race rolling out.

Feature Updates:

10:42- Four wide!

10:45- Green flag!

Big crash on the back stretch on the initial start. One car got turned sideways and about half the field piled in. Ogle, Hickman, Boles, Douglas, Chilton among those involved.

Boles says that Welshan turned down into him coming out of turn two to start the incident. Welshan also damaged but he continues on.

New starting lineup- Neat, Welshan, Chupp, Hill, Ridley, Morrow.

Lap 1 caution as Marlar and Mays spin. Neat and Welshan bounced off each other on lap 1 but Neat emerged with the lead.

Lap 7 caution for debris. Neat leads Hill, Welshan, Chupp, Ridley, Morrow, Tungate, Putnam, Hickman.

Halfway- Neat leads by big margin over Hill and Welshan.

Lap 39 caution as Welshan goes up in smoke. Neat leads Hill, Chupp, Ridley and Morrow. Neat has had a couple of close calls with the cushion and the wall but has been able to stretch his advantage under green.

Feature Results: 1. Brad Neat, 2. Chupp, 3. Morrow, 4. Ridley, 5. Hickman, 6. Putnam, 7. Maupin, 8. Hendrix, 9. Mays, 10. Wilson.

Neat went unchallenged most of the night. Hill had something break on his car on the lap 39 restart causing him to pull off track.

Limited Late Models

Drivers Here- 18 cars

23- Cory Hedgecock, 73- Trevor Sise, 29- Jason Welshan, 31- Greg Estes, 07- Jason Cardwell, 00D- Stanley Donahoo, 8- Chris Chandler, 21k- Dakotah Knuckles, 97- Bobby Giffin, 2x- Anthony White, 0- Ross White, 32j- Jason Manley, 5- John Tweed, 75L- Chris Long, 112- Dustin Diden, 31R- Johnny Ridings, R1- Riley Hickman, 00- Ruben Mayfield.

Qualifying Results: 1. Cory Hedgecock (12.910), 2. Sise, 3. R White, 4. Estes, 5. Tweed, 6. Giffin, 7. Hickman, 8. Cardwell, 9. Chandler, 10. Welshan.

11:30- Feature pulling on track.

11:35- Green flag!

R White spun on initial start but officials deemed that a full lap had not been completed so the field was reset.

Sise took the early lead but broke on lap 2. Hedgecock leads R White, Hickman and Tweed.

Lap 22 caution for spin by Diden. Hickman caught and passed Hedgecock for the lead two laps earlier. R White is 3rd ahead of a great battle between Estes, Tweed, Welshan and Giffin.

Feature finish: 1. Riley Hickman, 2. Hedgecock, 3. R White, 4. Estes, 5. Tweed, 6. Giffin, 7. Manley.

Once Hickman got to the lead he was able to pull away, even in traffic.

Crate Late Models

Car Count- 17 cars

8:35- Crate LM qualifying set to start. Entire feature lineup will be set via time-trials.

Qualifying Results: 1. Steve Jones(13.337), 2. Jerry Broyles, 3. Jensen Ford, 4. Tim Byrd, 5. Tim Maupin, 6. Bryson Dennis, 7.Forrest Trent, 8. Ricky Moore.

10:00- Crate Late Model feature lining up on track.

Feature updates: Tim Byrd pulls off track on pace lap. Mechanics are looking under the hood. He won’t start the race.

10:10- Green flag!

Caution on initial start as pole starting Jones spins in turn 4. Given the spot back.

Caution on lap 21 as Forrest Trent goes up in big flume of smoke. Jones has led all the way. He had a big lead at one point but was giving some of it back. Broyles, Dennis, Ford and Maupin round out the top-5.

4th running Jensen Ford pulls off track under this caution. He’s out of the race.

Feature Results- 1. Steve Jones, 2. Jerry Broyles, 3. Bryson Dennis, 4. Tim Maupin, 5. Warren McMahan, 6. Gary Crittenden.

Jones pulled away after the lap 21 caution. There was a good battle for 3rd-5th in the final laps.

Modified Hobby

Car Count- 18 cars

Qualifying Results- 1. Greg Estes, 2. Brad Davis, 3. Robbie Buchanan, 4. Gary Blanken, 5. Kurt Owens, 6. Dave Smith.

Feature Results- Due to the late start of this feature and a lengthy red flag, I did not stay to the race’s conclusion.

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