Live Updates from the NDRL race at Smoky Mountain(Saturday night)


We will be providing live updates from the NDRL race as well as support classes from the Smoky Mountain Speedway in Maryville, TN for Saturday night, March 8, 2014.

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To follow along, simply scroll down and look under each heading for that particular class. Also, refresh the page frequently as new information will be added often.

Classes in action: 

National Dirt Racing League Super Late Models($12,500-to-win)

Crate Late Models($1,000-to-win)


Time: Drivers meeting is set for 6:00pm with Hot Laps to commence soon afterwards.

Weather: The forecast calls for clear conditions with a daytime high of 65*.

Photos: I often post pictures on my @RichardAllenIDR Twitter account if you would like to take a look.

General Information: This is the final part of a three day event. There was a practice session on Thursday and there was a $7,500-to-win NDRL race on Friday night.

40 NDRL Super Late Models participated in Friday’s feature that was won by Dale McDowell.

The Daily Times newspaper has offered a $1,000 bonus if McDowell can sweep the weekend events.

6:00- Drivers meeting about to start.

6:30- Cars are working the track in.

Schedule of events for tonight:

Qualifying- Super LM, Sportsman(Locking in top-18), Crate LM(Locking in top-18).

Heats- Sportsman(6 laps), Super LM, Crate LM , Super LM B-mains.

Features- Crate LM(20 laps), NDRL Super LM (60 laps), Sportsman(15 laps).

It was a good crowd last night. It is a huge crowd tonight.

Classes Competing:

NDRL Super Late Models

Drivers here- 38 cars

Qualifying group 1- Chris Ferguson, Vic Hill, Billy Moyer, Jr., Chase Junghans, Jeff Franklin, Davey Johnson, Dale McDowell, Tommy Kerr, Max Blair, Bub McCool, Ellery Leake, Skip Arp, Jeff Wolfenbarger, Tim Fuller, Casey Roberts, Stacy Boles, Mike Marlar, Ray Cook, Jason Welshan.

Qualifying group 2- Scott Bloomquist, Mike Benedum, John Blankenship, Ryan King, Dennis Erb, Jr., Don O’Neal, William Thomas, Jonathan Davenport, Mason Ziegler, Shane Clanton, Chad Ogle, Steve Francis, Chris Madden, Jason Hiett, Mark Vineyard, Rick Eckert, Billy Moyer, Billy Ogle, Jr., Kent Robinson.

7:00- Hot laps about to begin.

Billy Moyer, Jr. fastest in group 1 hot laps with a 16.213 followed by McDowell, Hill and Blair.

Ray Cook fastest in group 2 hot laps with a 16.144 followed by Roberts and Marlar.

Jonathan Davenport fastest in group 3 hot laps with a 16.140 followed by Bloomquist and Blankenship.

Billy Moyer was fastest in group 4 hot laps with a 16.298 followed by Billy Ogle.

7:30- Cars lining up to qualify.

Billy Moyer, Jr. fastest in group 1 qualifying with a 16.013 followed by McDowell, Blair and Roberts.

Scott Bloomquist fastest in group 2 and overall with a 15.904 followed by Davenport, Madden and B Ogle.

Heat 1 lineup- Moyer Jr, Blair, Kerr, Junghans, Ferguson, Boles, Cook, McCool, Wolfenbarger and Leake.

Heat 2 lineup- McDowell, Roberts, Marlar, Hill, Fuller, Arp, Johnson, Welshan and Franklin.

Heat 3 lineup- Bloomquist, Madden, Blankenship, Robinson, Francis, Moyer Sr, King, Clanton, Erb and Vineyard.

Heat 4 lineup- Davenport, B Ogle, O’Neal, Ziegler, Thomas, Eckert, C Ogle, Hiett and Benedum.

8:40- Heat racing about to begin. Top-4 finishers will transfer to the feature. The top-2 finishers from each heat will go to a redraw to determine the first fours rows for the feature.

Heat 1 finish- Moyer Jr., Blair, Kerr Ferguson… Cook, Junghans.

Heat 2 finish- McDowell, Roberts, Marlar, Hill…Fuller, Arp.

Hill passed Fuller right at the line to gain the final transfer spot.

Heat 3 finish- Madden, Bloomquist, Robinson, Blankenship… Francis, Moyer Sr.

Heat 4 finish- Davenport, O’Neal, B Ogle, Ziegler… Thomas, Eckert

Redraw results- 1. Moyer, Jr., 2. Davenport, 3. Madden, 4. McDowell, 5.Roberts, 6. O’Neal, 7. Blair, 8. Bloomquist.

9:30- B-mains about to begin. Top-3 transfer.

B-main 1 finish- Cook, Arp, Fuller.

B-main 2 finish- Thomas, Francis, Moyer Sr.

10:10- Feature rolling on track. 60 laps for $12500.

10:15- Four wide!

10:17- Green flag!

Lap 13 caution for Roberts. Moyer Jr leads Davenport, Madden and McDowell.

Halfway- Top-3 of Moyer, Madden and Bloomquist are tight.

Madden wins over Marlar, Bloomquist, Davenport, Moyer Jr, McDowell, O’Neal, Robinson, Kerr, Arp.

Madden passed Moyer for the lead on lap 44 with outside move in turn 4. Marlar made an incredible charge and closed on Madden at the finish.

Crate Late Models

Drivers here- 22 cars here

Cory Hedgecock, Skimp Henry, Brett Wyatt, Jimmy Elliott, Jason Deal, Chris Wilson, Pierce McCarter, Matt Henderson, Adam Beeler, Brad Coffey, Warren McMahan, Michael Barnett, Josh Henry, Craig Reese, Derek Rogers, Greg Huskey, Robby Moses, Tom Smith, Jason Welshan, Bryan Pritchard, Robert Edwards, Dustin Golden.

Brad Coffey was fastest in group 1hot laps with a 17.109 followed by McCarter, Huskey and Beeler.

Jimmy Elliott was fastest in group 2 hot laps with a 16.685 followed by Wilson, Hedgecock and Welshan.

Top-12 in Crate LM qualifying- Hedgecock(17.053), Elliott, Wilson, Beeler, McCarter, Reese, Coffey, Moses, J Henry, Wyatt, Welshan and Henderson.

10:45- Crate LM feature lining up.

Lap 6 caution.

Elliott took the lead at the start and was pulling away until the yellow. Hedgecock, Wilson, Beeler and Reese run 2-5.

Caution after lap 6 restart. Wilson had passed Hedgecock for 2nd but will have to give the spot back.

Jimmy Elliott holds back a challenge from Chris Wilson to win. Hedgecock, Beeler, Welshan, Reese, Wyatt and Henderson followed.


Drivers here- 12 cars

Kip Sawyer, Joe Freels, Josh Beal, Tim Cooper, Drew Kennedy, Jonathan Sims, Jerry Hux, Brian Hooks, Heath Alvey, Justin Beeler, Austin Atkins, James Kelso.

Brian Hooks and Heath Alvey will start on the front row of the Sportsman feature.

9:45- Sportsman feature about to start.

Two attempts at a start have led to two crashes in turn one. Second incident involved more than half the field.

Heath Alvey wins the Sportsman feature over Kennedy, Beeler, Sawyer and Cooper.

Hooks led until lap 9 when he suffered mechanical issues and handed the lead to Alvey.

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