Live Updates from the NDRL race at Smoky Mountain(Friday night)


We will be providing live updates from the NDRL race as well as support classes from the Smoky Mountain Speedway in Maryville, TN for Friday night, March 7, 2014.

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To follow along, simply scroll down and look under each heading for that particular class. Also, refresh the page frequently as new information will be added often.

Classes in action: 

National Dirt Racing League Super Late Models($7,500-to-win)

Limited Late Models($1,200-to-win)


Time: Drivers meeting is set for 6:00pm with Hot Laps to commence soon afterwards.

Weather: The forecast calls for clear conditions with a daytime high of 60*.

Photos: I often post pictures on my @RichardAllenIDR Twitter account if you would like to take a look.

General Information: This is the middle part of a three day event. There was a practice session on Thursday and there will be a $12,500-to-win NDRL race on Saturday night.

31 NDRL Super Late Models participated in Thursday’s practice session. Expect more cars to be on hand tonight.

There are many good cars and drivers here. One driver commented that, “The winners of this year’s Dream and World 100 are here tonight unless it’s Jimmy Owens who wins one of those races.”

Schedule of events:

Qualifying order will go as follows- Limited LM, Super LM then Classics.

Heat races will go as follows Super LM, Limited LM then Super LM B-mains.

Features will run as follows- Limited LM(25 laps), Super LM(40 laps) then Classics(15 laps).

Classes Competing:

NDRL Super Late Models

Drivers here- 39 cars

Qualifying Group 1- Mason Ziegler, William Thomas, Billy Moyer, Jr., Dale McDowell, Kent Robinson, Casey Roberts, Jonathan Davenport, Skip Arp, Scott Bloomquist, John Blankenship, Max Blair, Mike Marlar, Steve Francis, Jason Welshan, Jason Hiett, Michael Asberry, Tim Fuller, Mike Benedum, Rick Eckert

Qualifying Group 2- Tommy Kerr, Robby Moses, Dennis Erb, Jr., Shane Clanton, Don O’Neal, Sammie Russell, Billy Ogle, Jr., Chad Ogle, Kurt English, Jeff Franklin, Ryan King, Chase Junghans, Vic Hill, Ray Cook, Davey Johnson, Mark Douglas, Ellery Leake, Chris Ferguson, Bub McCool, Chris Madden

6:55- Super LM hot laps about to begin.

Jonathan Davenport fastest in hot laps group 1 with a 15.637 followed by Roberts, Robinson, Moyer Sr. and Bloomquist.

Mike Marlar fastest in hot laps group 2 with a 16.092 followed by McDowell, Francis, Blair and Ziegler.

Billy Ogle, Jr. fastest in group 3 hot laps with a 16.125 followed by O’Neal, Kerr and Clanton.

Chris Madden fastest in group 4 hot laps followed by Ferguson.

7:25- Super LM lining up to qualify.

Qualifying results for group 1- Mike Marlar fastest with a 15.881 followed by Moyer Jr., McDowell, Robinson, Bloomquist, Davenport, Blankenship, Thomas, Roberts and Eckert.

Qualifying results for group 2- Billy Ogle, Jr. was fastest with a 15.962 followed by Cook, Madden, O’Neal, King, Ferguson, C Ogle, Moses, Hill and Johnson.

Heat 1 lineup:


Bloomquist… Blankenship

Roberts…Moyer Sr.



Heat 1 finish- McDowell, Bloomquist, Blankenship, Roberts…Marlar, Francis

Heat 2 lineup:

Moyer Jr…Robinson

Davenport… Thomas




Heat 2 finish- Robinson, Davenport, Moyer Jr., Eckert…Thomas, Blair

Heat 3 lineup:

B Ogle…Madden

King…C Ogle



English… Russell

Heat 3 finish- Madden, B Ogle, C Ogle, King…Junghans, Clanton

Heat 4 lineup:


Ferguson… Moses




Heat 4 finish- Cook(in a brand new car), O’Neal, Ferguson, Johnson… Moses, Leake.

The top-2 finishers in each heat will go to a redraw to determine feature starting spots.

Redraw- 1. Cook, 2. McDowell, 3. Madden,  4. Robinson, 5. Ogle, 6. O’Neal, 7. Bloomquist, 8. Davenport

9:10- Super LM B-mains are next.

Top-3 from each B-main transfer.

B-main 1 finish- Thomas, Marlar and Blair. Moyer Sr. will get a provisional.

B-main 2 finish- Clanton, Junghans, Hill.

10:05- Green flag!

Lap 8- McDowell out to big lead over Cook, Madden and Robinson.

Lap 20- McDowell continues to lead in heavy traffic. Madden, Cook and B Ogle pursuing.

Lap 30- Still caution free. McDowell putting on a clinic in traffic leads Madden.

NDRL feature finish- Dale McDowell wins over Madden, Cook, B Ogle, Robinson, Bloomquist, O’Neal, Davenport, Blankenship, Ferguson, Moyer Jr, Johnson, Clanton, Thomas, Eckert, King, C Ogle, Roberts, Francis, Blair, McCool, Junghans, Erb, Ziegler, Moyer Sr , Fuller, Marlar, Hill.

Limited Late Models

Drivers here- 16 cars

Mack McCarter, Roger Best, Derek Rogers, Ethan Hunter, Drew Kennedy, Ross White, Brad Coffey, Cory Hedgecock, Andy Morris, Warren McMahan, Jason Manley, Tony Martin, Charles Parker, Dan Tipton, Brad Lowe, Jason Ogle

6:30- Limited LM on track for hot laps.

Ethan Hunter fastest in group 1 hot laps with a 16.528 followed by Hedgecock and McMahan.

Ross White fastest in group 2 hot laps with a 17.101 followed by McCarter and Coffey.

8:00- Cars lining up to qualify.

Top-10 in Limited LM qualifying were Ethan Hunter with a 16.645 followed by Hedgecock, Kennedy, Lowe, Manley, McCarter, Martin, White, Tipton, Coffey, Morris.

9:35- Limited LM feature rolling out. Feature will start as listed above as the field was set by qualifying.

9:40- Green flag!

Lap 10- Hedgecock leads Hunter, Kennedy, Lowe and McCarter.

Lap 20- Hedgecock still leads over Hunter, Lowe, McCarter, Manley

Finish- Cory Hedgecock wins over Hunter, Lowe, McCarter and Manley.

Hedgecock initially got out to a good lead but Hunter closed in during the middle laps. Hedgecock pulled back away in late laps.

Was a very good race for 3rd.

10:00- Feature lining up on the front stretch.


Drivers here- 9 cars

Bobby Pressley, Joe Keck, Phillip Thompson, Joel Wolfenbarger, Bart Baxter, Shane Lockhart, Richie Overholser, Josh Chesney, Garrik Kelley

7:25- Hot laps have concluded for the Classics.

10:25- Feature about to start.

Philip Thompson held off a fierce challenge from Bart Baxter to win the feature. Kelley and Keck followed.

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