Live Updates from the Lucas Oil race at Tazewell Speedway(5-30-14)

live updates

We will be providing live updates from the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series race as well as the support classes from the Tazewell Speedway in Tazewell, TN for Saturday night, May 30, 2014. Tonight’s updates are being provided by Richard Allen( @RichardAllenIDR on Twitter).

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To follow along, simply scroll down and look under each heading for that particular class. Also, refresh the page frequently as new information will be added often.

Classes in action: 

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series(50 laps for $10,000)


Modified Street($500-to-win)


Pure Street($350-to-win)

Four Cylinders($300-to-win)


Drivers meeting is set for 7:30 with cars expected to hit the track around 7:45.


Weather is expected to be warm with a chance for isolated thundershowers in the late afternoon.

5:45- Haulers are rolling in. Rain does not appear as if it will be a factor.

General Information:

Don O’Neal leads the current LOLMDS standings over Newport’s Jimmy Owens, Earl Pearson, Jr., Steve Francis, Eddies Carrier, Jr. and Mooresburg’s Scott Bloomquist.

This is the first of a two race weekend for the LOLMDS as the series moves to the Florence Speedway in Kentucky on Saturday night.

John Blankenship won this race last year.

Scott Bloomquist holds the track record at Tazewell with a lap of 10.822 seconds around the high-banked, third-mile.

6:45- Drivers meeting underway.

Order of events:

1. Hot laps for all classes.

2. Qualifying(Mod Street, LOLMDS, Classics, Sportsman)

3. Lucas heats

4. Features(Mod Street, Classics, LOLMDS, Sportsman, Four Cylinder, Pure Street)

7:30- Cars out rolling the track in.


I often post pictures on my @RichardAllenIDR Twitter account if you would like to take a look.

Live Updates:

Lucas Oil Super Late Models

Drivers here- 21 cars

62- Cody King, 15- Steve Francis, 12- Jason Hughes, 44m- Chris Madden, 91- Jason Papich, B00- Josh Henry, 10- Chad Ogle, 777- Jared Landers, 5- Don O’Neal, 22- Matthew Holt, 15h- Wade Howerton, 44- Earl Pearson, Jr., 28- Eddie Carrier, Jr., 28w- Jeff Wolfenbarger, 201- Billy Ogle, Jr., 5j- Eric Jacobsen, 25- Bobby Mays, 23- John Blankenship, 0- Scott Bloomquist, 28e- Dennis Erb, Jr., 20- Jimmy Owens.

There will be three 10-lap heat races with no B-mains.

Hot laps group 1 results: 1. Madden(11.306), 2. Francis, 3. Papich, 4. Hughes.

Hot laps group 2 results: 1. Pearson(11.052), 2. O’Neal, 3. Carrier, 4. Wolfenbarger.

Hot laps group 3 results: 1. Bloomquist ( 10.998), 2. Owens, 3. Blankenship, 4. B Ogle.

8:15- Cars about to stage for qualifying.

Qualifying Results: 1. Bloomquist ( 11.150), 2. Blankenship, 3. O’Neal, 4. Pearson, 5. Owens, 6. Francis, 7. Madden, 8. Landers, 9. Carrier, 10. Jacobsen.

Heat one lineup: 1. Bloomquist, 2. Pearson, 3. Madden, 4. Jacobsen, 5. Erb, 6. Papich, 7. Howerton.

Heat one finish: 1. Bloomquist, 2. Pearson, 3. Jacobsen, 4. Madden, 5. Erb, 6. Papich, 7. Howerton.

Heat two lineup: 1. Blankenship, 2. Owens, 3. Landers, 4. Wolfenbarger, 5. Hughes, 6. King, 7. Holt.

Heat two finish: 1. Owens, 2. Blankenship, 3. Landers, 4. Wolfenbarger, 5. Hughes, 6. King, 7. Holt.

Heat three lineup: 1. O’Neal, 2. Francis, 3. Carrier, 4. B Ogle, 5. Mays, 6. Henry, 7. C Ogle

Heat three finish: 1. O’Neal, 2. Francis, 3. B Ogle, 4. Carrier, 5. Henry, 6. Mays, 7. C Ogle- DNS.

Feature lineup:

Row 1: Bloomquist… Owens

Row 2: O’Neal… Pearson

Row 3: Blankenship… Francis

Row 4: Jacobsen…Landers

Row 5: B Ogle…Madden

Row 6: Wolfenbarger… Carrier

Row 7: Erb…Hughes

Row 8: Henry… Papich

Row 9: King…Mays

Row 10: Howerton…Holt

Row 11: C Ogle

10:10- Feature rolling out.

10:15- Four wide!

10:18- Green flag!

Lap 2 caution for wild wreck involving Wolfenbarger, Henry and Erb. Wolfenbarger flipped. All OK. Red flag.

Bloomquist leads O’Neal, Owens, Blankenship and Pearson.

Lap 2 restart- A second red flag for huge crash. Francis rolled over but ended up back on his wheels. Papich, Hughes, Howerton also involved. Safety crew working with Francis.

Francis is out of the car and apparently OK. Blankenship was also involved in that wreck and heavily damaged.

Lap 4 caution for spin by Mays. Jacobsen broke on last restart and is out. Bloomquist leads Owens, O’Neal, Pearson, Landers, Carrier and Madden.

Lap 15 caution as Pearson tangles with a lapped car. Bloomquist was leading but Owens had been working under him for 2 laps prior to caution. O’Neal is 3rd with fast moving Madden pressuring him.

Pearson will restart at rear after being untangled from lapped car. Blankenship back out.

Feature finish: 1. Owens, 2. Bloomquist, 3. Madden, 4. O’Neal, 5. B Ogle, 6. Landers, 7. Carrier, 8. Pearson.

Race ran caution free after lap 15. Owens and Bloomquist put on a great race. Owens passed Bloomquist for the lead when they split the lapped car of Henry on lap 36. Bloomquist kept the pressure on for the next several laps until Owens finally pulled away. Madden was challenging Bloomquist for 2nd at the finish.


Car Count- 11 cars

7- Alvey, 34v- Varner, 11- Bean, 56h- Horton, 30- Coffman, 2- Smith, 1- Chesney, 007- Shockley, 8- Owens, 4- Overholt, 11- Fields

Qualifying Results: 1. Fields(12.379), 2. Overholt, 3. Horton, 4. Alvey

Feature finish: 1. Horton, 2. Overholt, 3. Owens, 4. Fields.

Modified Street

Car Count- 6 cars

88- Davis, 54- Burke, 20- Atkins, 21k- Knuckles, p21- Buchanan, 56- Horton

Qualifying Results: 1. Buchanan ( 13.313), 2. Davis, 3. Knuckles, 4. Horton.

Feature Results: 1. Davis, 2. Burke, 3. Knuckles, 4. Buchanan.

Knuckles and Buchanan crash on the last lap battling for 2nd. Both cars damaged but drivers OK, if not a little upset.


Car Count- 11 cars

18- E Keck, 59- Walton, 8- Chesney, 24- Thompson, 13j- Wolfenbarger, c74- Lane, 3- Ray, 78- J Keck, 20- Tharp, 88- Overholser, 99- Overton.

Qualifying Results: 1. J Keck, 2. Thompson, 3. Overton, 4. Tharp.

Feature finish: 1. Thompson, 2. Tharp, 3. J Keck, 4. Overton, 5. Chesney.

Pure Street

Car Count-

Four Cylinders

Car Count-

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