Live Updates from the Lucas Oil and NeSmith Races at Golden Isles(Friday evening)


We will be providing live updates from the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series and NeSmith Crate Late Model Series season openers at the Golden Isles Speedway in Waynesville, GA on Friday evening February 7, 2014.

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Classes in action: 

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series(50 Lap Feature for $10,000-to-win)

NeSmith Crate Late Model(30 Lap Feature for $2,500-to-win)

Time: Drivers meeting is set for 4:30pm with Hot Laps to commence soon afterwards.

Drivers meeting just wrapped up.


It’s overcast and cool. No rain in the immediate area.

Photos: I often post pictures on my @TennesseeRacer Twitter account if you would like to take a look.

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series:

This is a points race.

There will be four heats taking the top-4 from each.

Two B-mains taking the top-3 from each.

This is a LOLMDS points race.

Drivers here- 34 cars

Group 1:

Devin Moran, Jared Landers, Tim McCreadie, Jason Papich, Jimmy Owens, Chad Hollenbeck, Chris Madden, Russell Brown, Jr., Casey Barrow.

Group 2:

Gregg Satterlee, Brady Smith, Albert Cosnahan, Brandon Sheppard, Ray Cook, Jason Fitzgerald, Vic Coffey, Don O’Neal.

Group 3:

Randy Weaver, Dennis Franklin, Eddie Carrier, Jr., Steve Shaver, Kenny Pettyjohn, Earl Pearson, Jr., Steve Francis, Mike Benedum, John Blankenship.

Group 4:

Ricky Weiss, Jason Riggs, Brian Shirley, Mike Stadel, Dennis Erb, Jr., Jason Hughes, Billy Moyer, Jr., Jonathan Davenport.

Cars are staging for hot laps.

Jimmy Owens fastest in Group 1 hot laps with a 15.418.

Brandon Sheppard fastest in Group 2 hot laps with a 15.254.

Earl Pearson, Jr. fastest in Group 3 hot laps with a 15.187.

Jonathan Davenport fastest in Group 4 hot laps with a 14.886.

5:30- Qualifying on track now.

Group A Qualifying ( groups 1&2 from hot laps): Top-4 were Madden, Owens, Satterlee and O’Neal.

Madden’s time was a 15.072.

Group B qualifying(groups 3&4 from hot laps): Top-4 were Davenport, Moyer, Pearson and Blankenship.

Davenport was fastest overall with a 15.041.

Heat Race Lineups:

Heat 1






Heat 2


Sheppard… Brown



Heat 3

Davenport… Pearson





Heat 4



Shirley… Erb

Weiss.. Stadel

6:25- Heat one on track.

Heat 1 finish- Madden, Satterlee, Coffey and McCreadie.

Very good race!

Heat 2 finish- O’Neal, Moran, Owens and Brown.

Owens tagged wall while running 2nd on lap 5. Sheppard stopped on track(possibly a tire issue) while running 2nd on lap 8.

Heat 3 finish- Pearson, Pettyjohn, Carrier and Shaver.

Davenport blew a right rear tire while running 2nd.

Heat 4 finish- Moyer, Blankenship, Francis and Erb.

7:35- B-main 1 is rolling out. Top-3 transfer.

B-main 1 finish- Smith, Sheppard, Landers… Cook.

B-main 2 finish- Davenport, Shirley and Weaver.

Feature lineup:


O’Neal… Moyer






Brown.. Erb


Sheppard… Shirley



50 laps for $10,000.

8:05- Feature rolling on track now.

8:15- Four wide!

8:16- Green flag!

Lap 2 caution for Moyer. Madden to the early lead followed by O’Neal, Pearson and Satterlee.

Lap 3 caution Moran in mid pack spun and then hit by Davenport. Davenport returns with damage.

Race had run caution free until lap 48. Madden leads O’Neal, Pearson, Blankenship and Satterlee.

Chris Madden wins over O’Neal, Pearson, Blankenship, Satterlee, Coffey, Francis, Carrier, Owens.

Track was one groove on the bottom. The leaders were tightly bunched and trapped behind slower cars for much of that long green run.

NeSmith Crate Late Model Series:

Drivers here- 43 cars

Kelly Walker, Dalton Cook, Chase Edge, Cody Martin, Brian Hester, Michael Blount, Jak Kicklightwer, David Earl Gentry, Robert Diekemper, Steven Roberts, Scott Lagasse, Jr., Mack McCarter, Cecil Eunice, Joey Coulter, Chris Cantrell, Jeremy Faircloth, Hunter Carter, Donald Bradsher, Chase Washington, Kitt Sealy, Montana Dudley, Michael Brown, Ben Faircloth, Chris Noah, Braden Mitchell, Todd Neiheisen, Tait Davenport, Steve Cook, Ray Cook, Edgar Godsey, Jacob Anderson, Evan Becton, Ronnie Johnson, Marcus Minga, Josh Adkins, Walker Arthur, Will Herrington, Mark Whitener, Brent Barrett, Ronald Dunn, Jason Fitzgerald, Tom Egner, Stacey Roberts.

Chris Noah was fastest in Group 1 hot laps with a 16.976.

Donald Bradsher was fastest in Group 2 hot laps with a 16.734.

Gatlinburg’s Mack McCarter was fastest in Group 3 and overall with a 16.702.

Top-6 from qualifying are locked into the feature.

Top-6 were Anderson, Fitzgerald, Bradsher, J Faircloth, S Cook, R Cook.

Anderson’s time was 16.319.

Heat 1 finish- Noah, Herrington, Gentry and Dalton Cook.

Heat 2 finish- Arthur, McCarter, Whitener and Lagasse.

Very good race!

Heat 3 finish- Fitzgerald, Edge, Diekemper, Ronnie Johnson

Heat 4 finish- Dudley, Barrett, Roberts and Coulter.

8:45- Feature is lining up.

9:00- Green flag!

Caution on lap 3. Fitzgerald leads Mitchell, Bradsher, Faircloth, R Cook and McCarter.

Caution on lap 19 for Lagasse. Fitzgerald leads R Cook, J Faircloth, Mitchell, Whitener, McCarter, S Cook, Arthur.

Caution on lap 20 as McCarter gets while battling for 5th. Fitzgerald continues to lead R Cook.

McCarter given 5th spot back.

Caution on lap 22 for pile up in turn three. Gentry involved. Can’t see who others are. One car spun and had track blocked.

Order is Fitzgerald, J Faircloth, R Cook, Arthur.

Still at lap 22 under red flag while wrecked cars are removed.

Steve Cook was one of the other cars involved in the wreck. Back under caution.

Lap 28 caution. Fitzgerald still leads over J Faircloth, R Cook and Arthur.

Mack McCarter is 7th and Ronnie Johnson is 8th.

Fitzgerald wins. Finish same as listed above.

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