Live Updates from Smoky Mountain Speedway(5-3-14)


live updates

We will be providing live updates from the United Sprint Car Series and Crate Late Model races as well as support classes from Smoky Mountain Speedway in Maryville, TN for Friday night, May 3, 2014. Tonight’s updates are being provided by Richard Allen( @RichardAllenIDR on Twitter ).

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To follow along, simply scroll down and look under each heading for that particular class. Also, refresh the page frequently as new information will be added often.

Classes in action: 

United Sprint Car Series for $3,000-to-win.

Crate Late Models for $1,500-to-win.

Mini Stocks for $400-to-win.


Drivers meeting is slated for 6:00pm(eastern) with hot laps to begin soon afterward.


Weather is excellent with clear skies and warm temperatures.


I often post pictures on my @RichardAllenIDR Twitter account if you would like to take a look.

General Information:

Veteran racer Terry Gray is the current leader in the USCS standings.

It looks as if Morgan Turpen will race tonight in sprints despite her crash last night at 411. She was on crutches in the pit area.

Johnny Bridges is not in his usual 07 sprint car tonight after experiencing engine trouble earlier. Joe Larkin is allowing him to drive the 33 tonight.

Live Updates:

USCS Sprint Cars

Drivers here- 20 cars

1- Freddie McCall, Jr., 4- Danny Smith, 10- Terry Gray, 10m- Morgan Turpen, 12B- Don Ryder, 12m- Greg Merritt, 15- Nick Snyder, 16- Anthony Nicholson, 21- Aubrey Black, 21B- Brandon McClain, 23- Lance Moss, 26- Lukas Smith, 28- Jeff Willingham, 33- Johnny Bridges, 43- Terry Witherspoon, 47- Eric Riggins, Jr., 61- Don Smith, 83- Bob Auld

6:45- Hot laps underway.

At the end of his hot lap session the 47 of Riggins banged the wall. Car has some damage but looks like it may be repaired.

7:00- Hot laps complete.

7:15- ‘Dash for Cash’ about to roll out.

Dash for Cash results: 1. Smith, 2. Nicholson, 3. Gray, 4. Bridges, 5. McClain, 6. Auld.

Nicholson pulled alongside Smith on the back stretch on the last lap but the slowing car of Auld served as a rolling pic.

8:30- Heat 1 ready to roll.

Heat 1 finish: 1. Nicholson, 2. Witherspoon, 3. Moss

Nicholson passed Witherspoon on the last lap for the win. The car of Snyder had a brief fire after the finish.

Heat 2 finish: 1. Gray, 2. B McClain, 3. Willingham, 4. Smith, 5. Turpen, 6. Riggins.

10:00- Drivers signing autographs.

10:25- Cars being pushed off for the feature.

10:30- Four wide!

10:33- Green flag!

Lap 2 caution for spin by the leader Witherspoon. Smith now leads ahead of Nicholson, Gray, Moss, Riggins, B McClain.

Bridges was unable to start in the 33.

Caution extended because of a flat on Riggins car.

Lap 3 caution for Riggins stopped on track. He didn’t come to pits under last caution despite being told he had a flat. Nicholson had passed Smith for lead just before caution. Looks like they will let the pass stand.

Riggins is returning to the race at tail of field.

Caution on restart for a wild, flipping crash by Freddie McCall. He is reported to be OK. Crash so violent that engine came dislodged from the car.

10:57- Cars being pushed off after red flag.

11:01- Back to green

Caution with 3 to go for engine trouble on the 22. Nicholson had a big lead. Smith and Gray having great battle for 2nd.

Bridges finally comes on track for first time.

Feature finish: 1. Nicholson, 2. Smith, 3. Gray, 4. Turpen, 5. Moss, 6. Riggins, 7. B McClain, 8. Willingham.

Crate Late Models

Drivers here- 19 cars

15- Bryson Dennis, 24- Greg Martin, 1- Chad Beeler, 24- Jensen Ford, J39- Jimmy Elliott, 71- Brian Courtney, 31- Mike Moore, 31- Brad Seagle, 29- Jason Welshan, 7- Robby Moses, 007- Hunter Best, 88- Brad Coffey, 33- Warren McMahan, 119- Josh Evans, 66- Adam Beeler, 117- Jake Teague, 9- Brett Ashley, 101- Forrest Trent, 52- Ryan King.

7:05- Hot laps about to begin.

7:15- Hot laps complete.

7:35- Qualifying about to start.

Qualifying results: 1. Welshan(16.65), 2. Elliott, 3. A Beeler, 4. Martin, 5. B Courtney, 6. Ford, 7. Moses, 8. Teague, 9. C Beeler, 10. King.

9:00- Feature rolling out.

Looks like Brian Courtney will not make it out for the feature.

9:10- Green flag!

Initial start waved off as Moore goes for a wild ride in turn 1. The car hit and then climbed the outside wall before coming to rest in turn 2. Driver is OK.

The delay has allowed Courtney to get his car on track for the feature.

Lap 12- Welshan out to big lead over Elliott, A Beeler and Martin.

Lap 20 caution for spin by Dennis. Welshan has led all the way. Great battle for 2nd-4th. Currently A Beeler in 2nd followed by Martin, Elliott, Courtney, Teague, King and Ford.

Feature finish: 1. Welshan, 2. A Beeler, 3. Martin, 4. Elliott, 5. Teague, 6. King, 7. Courtney, 8. Coffey, 9. Best, 10. Moses.

Great racing from 2nd on back.

Mini Stocks

Car Count- 12 cars

5- Debbie Singleton, 1A- Allen Collins, 39- Jason Carter, 9- Adrian McDaniel, 19- Nick Perry, 134- Ray Simpson, 32- Skip Cooper, 18- William Tallent, 26- Josh Davis, 01- Michael Herron, 41- Michael Courtney, 171- Kyle Courtney.

6:35- Hot laps complete.

Heat Results-

Heat 1 finish: 1. M Courtney, 2. Perry, 3. Carter, 4. Davis.

Heat 2 finish: 1. K Courtney, 2. Simpson, 3. Tallent.

Feature Results- 1. Michael Courtney, 2. Carter, 3. Tallent, 4. Davis, 5. Singleton.

The race ended with a G/W/C after time had to be spent untangling a couple of crashed cars. Kyle Courtney had led all the way before the red flag but his car wouldn’t refire.


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