Live Updates from 411 Motor Speedway(5-10-14)


live updates

We will be providing live updates from the NeSmith Crate Late Model race as well as support classes from the 411 Motor Speedway in Seymour, TN for Saturday night, May 10, 2014. Tonight’s updates are being provided by Richard Allen( @RichardAllenIDR on Twitter ).

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To follow along, simply scroll down and look under each heading for that particular class. Also, refresh the page frequently as new information will be added often.

Classes in action: 

NeSmith Crate Late Models


Thunder & Lightning

Street Stocks

Mini Stocks


Drivers meeting is slated for 6:00pm(eastern) with hot laps to begin soon afterward.

6:00- Drivers meeting underway.

6:15- Hot laps about to start.


There was rain earlier in the day but the skies have cleared with a strong breeze blowing. Temperatures should drop into the 60s this evening.


I often post pictures on my @RichardAllenIDR Twitter account if you would like to take a look.

General Information:

Adam Beeler sits atop the 411 Motor Speedway standings for Crate Late Models. He leads Ryan King, Rusty Ballenger, Marty Calloway and Pierce McCarter.

Michael Courtney has won every Mini Stock race he has entered so far this season at 411.

The Street Stock division has had four different winners(Watson, Hux, Lewelling and Emery) in four races so far this season.

7:05- A rain shower is moving through and has put a brief damper on things.

7:17- Light rain still falling.

7:45- Still a light rain falling but clearing skies are on the way.

8:05- Sun is shining but it’s still raining.

8:15- Drivers being called together by track officials for a meeting.

Drivers given option of calling it or running features only. They chose to run features. Cars in all classes will line up based on their draw.

It will take about 45 minutes to get track ready. Should be racing around 9:00.

9:15- Wide tire cars being called to the track to assist with track prep.

9:20- Track is coming along. Quite a few cars out there now helping to run it in.

9:40- Track getting closer. Four cars out there now running at higher speeds to test the surface.

Announcement made that the track is ready. The T&L feature will be 10 laps. Mini Stock, Street Stock and Sportsman features will be 15 laps. Late Model feature will be 20 laps.

Live Updates:

NeSmith Crate Late Models

Drivers here- 16 cars

66- Adam Beeler, 29- Jason Welshan, 7- Scott Ward, 23- Cory Hedgecock, 117- Jake Teague, 51- Mack McCarter, 1- Chad Beeler, 29- Rusty Ballenger, 52- Ryan King, 31- Brad Seagle, 88- Brad Coffey, 24- Greg Martin, 79c- Marty Calloway, 98- Jed Emert, 7- William Overby, 17- Matt Henderson.

There will be no qualifying for any class tonight, including Late Models.

Cars will start the feature in the order they are posted above.

11:00- Feature starting.

Ward crashes in turn 3 on first lap. Welshan had jumped to early lead but no lap was completed so this will be a full restart.

Big jumble on second start as Beeler slid back and cars bunched together. McCarter and Coffey were collected. Those two cars are hooked together. Track officials working to pull cars apart.

Still no lap complete. King and Ballenger get together. Both continue.

Lap 18 caution when 2nd running Teague tangled with a lapped car. Welshan leads. Teague returned to 2nd. Hedgecock, Beeler follow.

On restart, Hedgecock and Beeler tangle. Beeler spins. King and Coffey collected.

Hedgecock and Beeler bumping under caution. Hedgecock told by track officials to park his car.

Feature finish: 1. Jason Welshan, 2. Teague, 3. A Beeler, 4. King, 5. Calloway.


Drivers here- 15 cars

19- Tony Lindsey, 32- Tom Larcher, 115- Joey Standridge, 44- Gina Allen, 14- Lee Merritt, 56H- Jordan Horton, 14- Austin Atkins, 87- Kailee Horsley, 26- Brandon Gardner, 119- Josh Evans, 15- Andy Standridge, 2- Terry Poore, 01- Wayne Rader, 18- Kyle Cole, 31b- Barry Duncan.

6:50- Calling Sportsman cars out for their heat races.

7:00- Heat race rolling out. All cars will transfer.

Cars will start the feature in the order they are posted above.

10:05- Feature rolling out. 15 laps.

Having a tough time getting laps in. Multiple cautions and only one lap scored so far. Lindsey leads Horton.

Going to single-file restarts.

Lap 4 caution- 2nd running Lindsey crashes on backstretch. Horton leads J Standridge and Sawyer.

Still only 8 laps complete. Numerous cautions with latest for Allen who hit at the turn two exit and Larcher who crashed in turn 4.

Time limit has expired so race will get one final restart.

Feature finish: 1. Jordan Horton, 2. J Standridge, 3. Sawyer, 4. A Standridge.

Thunder & Lightning

Drivers here- 4 cars

4- Larry Sullivan, 44- Chase King, 14- David Kerr, 77- Tommy Huston.

With only four cars here tonight, there will be no T&L heat race. Drivers will line up for the feature based on their draw.

Cars will start the feature in the order they are posted above.

9:48- Feature ready to roll. 10 laps.

Red flag after 1 lap. Sullivan drifted up in turn 2 and hit wall at the track exit. Driver is OK but car dropped fluid on track.

Back to racing. King leads Kerr and Huston.

Feature finish: 1. Chase King, 2. Kerr, 3. Huston, 4. Sullivan.

Street Stocks

Drivers here- 15 cars

1B- Bradley Lewelling, 69- Nick Barnard, 01- Jerry Hux, 5- Gary Blanken, 1- David Price, 1- David Clark, 3- Jeff McLemore, 11- Dale Watson, 14- Steve Hillard, 99- Dale Jackson, 30- Walter Sims, 5- Jr Merriman, M2- Shannon Emery, 13A- Austin Byrd, 3- Bret Banks.

Cars will start the feature in the order they are posted above.

10:38- Feature ready to roll.

Time limit claims another feature at lap 10.

Feature finish: 1. Bradley Lewelling, 2. Blanken, 3. Emery, 4. Clark, 5. McLemore

Good race among top-4.

Mini Stocks

Drivers here- 9 cars

21- Jason Gregory, 25- Joe Myers, 23- Sam Burgess, 44- Tommy Metler, F15- Mitchell Fox, 41- Michael Courtney, 26- Josh Davis, 29- Mike Townsend, BA2- Bryant Idles.

Cars will start the feature in the order they are posted above.

10:50- Feature starting.

Michael Courtney took the lead at the end of lap 1 and drove away.

Feature finish: 1. Michael Courtney, 2. Idles, 3. Townsend, 4. Burgess, 5. Myers.


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