Josh Rice drives to convincing Southern All Stars win at Richmond

Josh Rice claimed the SAS win at Richmond

Josh Rice is always tough to beat in the Bluegrass State and Saturday night in the Finn Watson Memorial at Richmond Raceway that again proved to be the case. Make it to a race that he had not originally intended to participate in was the first Southern All Stars victory for the driver of the No. 11 machine.

The Rocket chassis driver from Verona, Kentucky earned $7,500 for his victory at the track located in Richmond, Kentucky in a race aired live by

A total of 16 cars were signed in for competition

Qualifying Results: 1. Josh Rice(14.713), 2. Robby Hensley, 3. Trevor Landrum, 4. Kody Evans, 5. Dustin Linville, 6. James Rice, 7. Camaron Marlar, 8. David Webb

Heat 1 Results: 1. Josh Rice, 2. Trevor Landrum, 3. Justin Ratliff, 4. Dustin Linville, 5. Camaron Marlar, 6. Austin Lay, 7. Blake Creech, 8. Dan Cox

Heat 2 Results: 1. Robby Hensley, 2. James Rice, 3. Kody Evans, 4. David Webb, 5. Kirk Phillips, 6. Caleb Gay, 7. Ace Claborn, 8. Harold Branham 

Feature Re-cap: The 40-lap feature began with Hensley ahead of Josh Rice, James Rice, Landrum and Ratliff. On the second lap, Evans passed Ratliff for fifth. At the same time, Josh Rice was keeping pace with Hensley as both looked to slip away from the pack. 

On lap 7, Rice got by Hensley for the lead just before a caution waved for the stopped car of Creech. On the restart, Landrum took third away from James Rice. Cox brought out a caution when he slowed on track.

On lap 10, the second running car of Hensley slowed in front of the pack. Several cars piled into the pack to bring out another yellow flag. On the restart, Landrum went to the lead with Josh Rice, James Rice, Ratliff and Marlar trailing.

Just before the halfway point, however, Josh Rice went back to the lead after contact with Landrum and then began to pull away from the pack. Further back, Evans entered the top-5 by passing Marlar just before Marlar would slow to bring out a caution on lap 26.

Rice again pulled away from the competition as the laps began to click away. The No. 11 car would remain in control until the checkered flag waved.

Feature Results: 1. Josh Rice, 2. Trevor Landrum, 3. James Rice, 4. Justin Ratliff, 5. Kody Evans, 6. Ace Claborn, 7. Robby Hensley, 8. Austin Lay, 9. Shane Irvin, 10. Caleb Gay, 11. David Webb, 12. Camaron Marlar, 13. Dustin Linville, 14. Kirk Phillips, 15. Dan Cox, 16. Blake Creech

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