Jonathan Davenport adds to his bank account with XRSS win at Belleville

Jonathan Davenport picked up $20,000 for the win at Belleville

Jonathan Davenport followed up his massive Eldora Million victory from last week with another win on Monday night with the XR Super Series on the Belleville High Banks. ‘Superman’ and all the competitors had to fight against scorching heat as they contested the event on the super fast speedway.

The Longhorn Chassis driver from Blairsville, Georgia collected $20,000 for his win at the half-mile Belleville, Kansas facility in a race shown live by

A total of 21 cars were signed in for competition.

Qualifying Results: 1. Jonathan Davenport(16.308), 2. Chase Junghans, 3. Chris Madden, 4. Chris Ferguson, 5. Jimmy Owens, 6. Kyle Strickler, 7. Scott Bloomquist, 8. Shane Clanton, 9. Tad Pospisil, 10. Blair Nothdurft, 11. Dusty Leonard, 12. Joseph Gorby, 13. Al Humphrey, 14. Charlie McKenna, 15. Andrew Kosiski,16. Delbert Smith, 17. Hayden Ross, 18. Dan Smith, 19. Justin Bussell, 20. Brenden Smith

Heat 1 Results: 1. Davenport, 2. Ferguson, 3. Bloomquist, 4. Nothdurft, 5. Humphrey, 6. B Smith

Heat 2 Results: 1. Junghans, 2. Owens, 3. Leonard, 4. Ross, McKenna, 6. Clanton

Heat 3 Results: 1. Madden, 2. Strickler, 3. Pospisil, 4. Gorby, 5. Kosiski, 6. D Smith, 7. Janousek

Feature Re-cap: When the 20-lap feature got underway it was Davenport who surged to the lead on the lightning fast track with Madden jumping up to second and Owens, Junghans and Ferguson rounding out the top-5. A caution for debris slowed the action just after the completion of the first circuit.

On the restart, Davenport again went immediately to the lead with Madden trailing. Further back, Junghans and Strickler got by Owens for third and fourth.

A second yellow flag waved on lap 5 for the slowing car of Janousek. Everyone held station on the lap 5 restart with Madden keeping Davenport in his sights. However, another caution flag would be displayed on lap 10 for the slowing car of Leonard.

As the laps clicked away, Madden stayed within striking distance of Davenport, but again, a caution would wave on lap 14. With three laps to go, Madden closed right to the rear spoiler of Davenport but was never able to make a move for the race lead.

In the end, it was Davenport who would claim his second XR Super Series win of 2022.

Feature Results: 1. Jonathan Davenport, 2. Chris Madden, 3. Chase Junghans, 4. Kyle Strickler, 5. Chris Ferguson, 6. Jimmy Owens, 7. Scott Bloomquist, 8. Shane Clanton, 9. Hayden Ross, 10. Tad Pospisil, 11. Al Humphrey, 12. Andrew Kosiski, 13. Dusty Leonard, 14. Joseph Gorby, 15. Blair Nothdurft, 16. Charlie McKenna, 17. Teejay Janousek, 18. Dan Smith, 19. Delbert Smith

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